Cruise Cabin Door Decorating, The Latest Trend

February 7th, 2013

With our cruise accessories being wildly popular and very helpful when having a destination wedding or a wedding on a cruise ship, we’re happy to announce the new addition to our cruise accessory line, a Personalized Cruise Cabin Door Magnet, 8 1/2″ x 11″ to capture your personality with humorous expressions and a chance to share what you are celebrating.

Designed to help you spot your cabin from a distance and find your way, and set you apart from the rest.

Included is a  beautiful picture of your destination along with 5 lines (or more if needed) for personalizing your sign. Sayings are offered as suggestions, but you can come up with your own as well.  A few  examples:

Cruise Cabin Door Decor "Sandy Beach" Design

If you don’t see your destination pictured, or want a design to express your celebration, simply let us know and we will design your magnet to suit what you are looking for.  Make a statement next time you cruise with one of our Cruise Cabin Door Magnets for decorating your home away from home.

Check out our entire line of cruise related products

Making a planning guide for your wedding

January 8th, 2013

If you just recently got engaged, a big congratulations.   Now that the excitement of your engagement has settled down a bit,  is the time to sit down and make a To Do list of what you need to get done before your big day.

Start with your 6 months list.

Of course you need to lock in your date, and start the hunt for your dream location.  Once you have selected the date, you should plan on sending out Save The Date cards or magnets, so your guests can  arrange their vacations and not miss the most important event.  They may even decide to skip that vacation if their budget won’t allow for both and they have to travel to your wedding.  We prefer  Save The Date magnets since they can be put on the fridge or file cabinet as a constant reminder. There are lots of beautiful designs to choose from and they are reasonably priced.

Next, you need to shop for your dress.  Unless you’re planning on buying one off the rack, it takes months for your dress to be made and fitted properly, so getting a head start is always a good idea. You may think you know exactly which dress you want, but until you try it on, and see if it suits your body type, what you had in mind may not be the best look for you after all.  This dress is gorgeous, don’t you think?    Don’t forget to take into consideration whether you are doing a formal or informal reception, inside or outside.

Tara Keely Wedding Dress

When it comes to the photographer and the band or DJ, you have an excellent shot at hiring your top choices if you plan ahead.  If they’re booked, ask around for referrals from recently married couples.

Check back for your 3 month list.

Are you ready for a Fanciful Bridal Shower?

December 11th, 2012

When planning a bridal shower most women start by thinking of a theme the bride would enjoy.  Depending on the time of year,  the decor might be in jewel tones for Fall and Winter and pastel colors for Spring and Summer.

Sometimes I think the fun is mostly in the planning, don’t you?  Anticipating the look on the bride’s face when she comes in and sees all you’ve done to make it a very special day for her.  Don’t know about you, but I’m a list maker.  I have lists of what to put on my lists.  It takes a lot of organization skills to plan a party, no matter what the occasion is, but we’re here to help.

Recently I was talking to a friend about the Hello Kitty phenomenon amongst young women and she was telling me how popular the little femme feline is in high end stores such as Tiffany and other retailers for clothes, accessories and jewelry.  I’ve seen champagne bottles with Hello Kitty labels (even wrote about it in a previous post), so why not a Hello Kitty Bridal Shower?  I can visualize sassy hot pink, with zebra mixed in and lots of bling.

In fact, while we’re on the subject of fanciful showers, we have sold many favors in a  Cinderella theme for bridal showers and weddings.  Lots of princesses out there, as we all know (myself included),  and a  bridal shower I went to was as elegant as they come, but done in a Cinderella theme.  So I got to thinking (and that’s always dangerous), if I have an annual pass to Disneyland (and most of my friends do as well)  why not a Minnie Mouse or Tinkerbell bridal shower as long as it’s still grown up and sophisticated of course?

What do you think?  Do you know girls who would just love the idea of a bridal shower in one of these themes?  Let me know and I’ll make sure we have all that is needed on Favors By Serendipity to make their dream come true!

Big News!

November 23rd, 2012

We are so excited to announce some changes to our site. You’re hearing it here first! We have FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25! Get your order in soon, because it only lasts until 12/31/12. With all of our great priced items you will be able to order to your heart’s content!

Also, we are introducing our no hassle return policy. We appreciate our customers and do whatever we can to make your experience a memorable one.  After all, wedding planning is stressful enough. Why not shop with us and reduce that stress level?  Our commitment to service has always been a focus of our company. We now offer 30 days to return your items, and we’ll even pay the shipping back to us! See restrictions here for full details.

Winter Wedding Tips

November 12th, 2012

Photo courtesy of Mary Dougherty Photography

Winter weddings are fast approaching! Have you thought about how you’ll look on the  big day? I bet you have! I thought I’d give some tips to our upcoming Winter brides.

  • Want the shimmer of snow without the melting in your hair? Sprinkle some sparkly eyeshadow in your hair! It will add a glint to your hair and look like freshly fallen snow in the light.
  • Find a stunning wrap. Keeping warm is important, but many brides won’t cover up for fear of hiding their spectacular gown. Find something fabulous like a faux fur wrap or a shining pashmina!
  • Make sure you keep up a moisturizing regimen before the big day. Many venues will be dry and hot, which could show in your face if not properly moisturized.
  • Keep hand cream near by. So many photographs are taken of the rings, your bouquet and you and your groom holding hands. The winter weather is quick to dry and damage your skin.
  • Don’t be afraid of color. You may want to try a bolder style on the  big day. The winter white canvas will make bold colors pop!

Stay tuned for more bridal tips! And don’t forget to check out our great selection of Winter Wedding Favors!

"Snow Flurry" Flocked Glass Ornament Place Card/Photo Holder

New! Personalized Fortune Cookies!

October 30th, 2012

I’m so excited! We have just added Personalized Winter Design Fortune Cookies to our site! Fortune cookies are so much fun to have at a reception. These are extra special because you can choose the sayings, they will be totally unique to your wedding. Not only are they unique, but scrumptious as well . These are hands down the best fortune cookies we have tasted.

Not only are they great for weddings, but also for Corporate Gifts! Your clientele won’t forget you when they crack open this delicious cookie!

Having a winter wedding? These are perfect treats for your guests. You can choose to have your names and date of the wedding inside, a quote from your favorite poem, song lyrics…there are so many options and no one else will have the same fortunes!

“Love is patient. Love is kind.  Love is not boastful or rude.”

Today I marry my best friend,  the one I laugh with, live for, love.”

“All you need is love”

“To have and to hold, from this day forward”

“So this is the miracle I’ve been dreaming of”

Say Cheese! Trend Alert

October 12th, 2012

I’m loving the new trend of photo booths at weddings! What a great idea and instant memento! You add props and let your guests go at it. The pictures can be serious, funny or a combination of both.

You can rent photo booths, ask your photographer if that’s an added option or even make your own.

To make your own you can use a fabric backdrop and any number of fun props. You can tailor props to your theme, provide either a disposable digital camera or a Polaroid camera. You can even create a great guest book with a picture and note from your guests. The fun is endless. I admit that I got lost on Pinterest and there are so many cool props!

Photo credit:

Picture frame favors are perfect for a reception with a photo booth. They give your guests a way to display the photos and are great for the cost conscious bride who still wants to say thank you with a favor. They can be used as place cards as well. Dual function!

See our selection of frame favors at

Did you have a photo booth? Are you planning on having one at your upcoming reception? Drop us a line here, tweet us or stop by our Facebook page to let us know!

Photo credit:

Let them eat cake!

October 2nd, 2012

Photo courtesy of

Who doesn’t love dessert? Your wedding cake is another big decision along the way to your perfect day. Your cake will serve as the focal point of your reception. I know that one of the first things I look for when I go to a reception is the cake. Today we’ll be giving you some pointers on choosing the perfect cake.

Again, planning ahead is the common thread in wedding planning. Make time to sit down and think about what your likes and dislikes are. Give yourself 4-6 months ahead to plan, interview and taste.

  • Compile pictures from Bridal magazines, cake decorating books and the internet. There are so many choices as far as design goes. After you’ve found cakes you like then sit down with your fiance and narrow it down to 5 or 6. Going to a baker with 20 pictures might overwhelm them and they won’t have a clue as to what direction to go.
  • Decide what icing you’d like. That will also determine which direction your baker takes. The cakes you like may be only available with fondant. Some may be possible with butter cream.  Remember that the time of year you choose for a wedding date may also help to determine what icing. Think ahead to whether or not melting will be an issue.
  • Budget. This is a big one. Make sure to ask the baker when you interview if the price per slice includes labor, transportation and set up. You want to get the total cost up front and not be met with surprises on the day of the wedding. Some bakers are able to decorate foam tiers and provide sheet cakes to serve. If budget is a deal breaker, but  you have your heart set on that baker then ask if that’s a possibility. You probably won’t have rsvp cards returned to you before ordering so a ballpark figure may have to do.
  • Taste. You and your groom may love different flavors. You also have to think of what your guests will enjoy. Multi-tier cakes can be made with different flavors in each tier. Make sure the baker you are interviewing doesn’t mind giving you many choices. They should have cake flavors, fillings, and icing at the ready for your appointment. If you are going the sheet cake route, make sure to ask pricing for the flavors and fillings you choose.
  • Wedding cakes have become works of art. See if your baker is comfortable with varied shapes. The traditional 3 tier, round cakes aren’t the only thing out there these days. Ask to see photos of the cakes they’ve done. See how they support larger structures.

Make sure you know what kind of topper you’d like for your cake. That’s something you may want to take to your tasting/appointments with your potential bakers. We have a great selection of cake toppers so make sure you take a peek!

Cake Jewelry available at

Elegant Porcelain Cake Top -

Beauty on Your Wedding Day

September 18th, 2012

Hello there! Glad to see you back to visit!  Today I’d like to talk to you a bit about make up on your wedding day.

Your wedding day is probably the most photographed day of  your life. You’ll have those memories captured in time and displayed throughout your home. It goes without saying that you want to look your very best! That day is a culmination of all the dreaming and planning you have done for so long.

Photo, Hair and Makeup: Georgette Roles at

Hiring a make up artist is a big decision. Let’s take a look at how to make this choice easier.

  • Start your search at least 6 months ahead of time. A good artist is in high demand. You’ll need time to find the person who will suit you personally and can be there for you on that day.
  • Don’t just rely on photographs you see in a magazine. Those can be touched up and made to look flawless.  An upstanding artist will have references and won’t flinch at you wanting to contact former clients.
  • Ask a lot of questions! Find out if your personality meshes with your potential artist. You want someone who will readily listen to your ideas, but also give you helpful hints or gentle steering in the right direction. You’ll be stressed on the day of your wedding. If you have someone you have friction working on your, your tension will shine through.
  • Price. I know, you are on a budget! Sometimes that’s a little more like a guideline and you have some wiggle room. That’s ok! Just make sure you know what’s included. How much time will your artist be there? Is there an extra charge for supplies? Will the artist be the only one there or will you be paying for a team? If you want to include your bridesmaids be sure to talk about that as well. Surprises the day of the wedding won’t be pleasant for either person. Be respectful of them as a business person.
  • Hair, does your artist do that as well? Or will you need to plan a trip to a salon or make time for hair before makeup?
  • Decide how  you want to look. Do you like drama? Do you prefer the natural look? Make sure you convey this to the makeup artist and feel comfortable with that person fulfilling your ideas for your wedding. Look on Pinterest, in Bridal magazines and even celebrity magazines for ideas.
  • Take someone with you to the initial appointment. That person can keep you on track and not let you get swept up by your surroundings or that initial rush of excitement. It’s ok to take time and find that perfect fit. It took you a while to find your perfect guy and your perfect dress. Give yourself the go ahead to interview more than one person.

Engraved Heart Mirror available at

Personalized Lip Balm for those touch up moments!

Fall Weddings

September 4th, 2012

Photo Credit:

I love fall. The smell of the leaves, the beautiful colors and the crisp temperatures. If I had to do it all again, I would love to have a fall wedding. There are so many natural resources and so many cute fall favors!

Here are some tips to make your fall wedding beautiful!

  • Check out schedules. Local area festivals are plentiful during the fall season. Craft shows, apple festivals, and of course football events are things to watch out for. Many brides choose Fridays or Sundays to cut down on costs or make sure their chosen venue has an opening. Sunday afternoons may be taken up with sports. Trust me, you don’t want men glued to their phones throughout your big day. (We had no way to know, but the Stanley Cup finals were the day we got married. We had one guest bring in a small radio and headphones – no, I’m not kidding)
  • Venues. There are many outdoor venues that have trees that will be laden with fall leaves. That can be a money savor in terms of decorations for the ceremony. Keep in mind that fall weather is also unpredictable. Ask the venue if they have a back up indoor setting and how much notice they need to make that transition. It will leave you prepared for any unexpected changes and you will be less stressed out the day of your wedding.
  • Speak to your florist about using in season flowers. Also using colors that are abundant in autumn make your photographs pop and will make decorations easy to coordinate.
  • Food. Make use of the bounty available to you. Also, this time of year is a great time to have a candy bar open during the reception. Think of all the candy available at this time of year! And buying in bulk can make it that much easier on your budget. Who doesn’t love sweet treats? Our Sweet Shoppe Theme Candy Buffet Boxes are perfect and you can match the colors to your decor!
  • Decor. I think that fall is one of those times where you can use nature in your decor and have a stunning effect! Pumpkins, gourds, pine cones and leaves are easy to get and are biodegradable! Going green is a big trend and this time of year lends itself to that trend.

I hope if you’re planning a fall wedding for this year or for next that we’ve given some great tips! Check out our selection of fall favors and let us know your favorite fall wedding finds!

Autumn Leaf Design Place Card Holders available at our site.

Autumn Magic Collection Leaf Candy Dishes - Favors by Serendipity