Top 10 Winter Favors

October 11th, 2015

Top 10 winter favors
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It’s not too late to pick up your favors for your winter party! We’ve collected our favorite picks for winter and we absolutely LOVE how versatile these all are. They can be used for baby and bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries, kid and teen parties, corporate events or even as cute gifts for the hostess, especially ‘tis the season to get invited to a million parties!

Check out our favorite picks and tell us which one is your favorite!

For winter we love anything that’s warm, cozy, or sparkly!


Luminous Black Mini-Lantern Tea Light Holder


This gorgeous Luminous Lantern brings a lovely, warm, nostalgia to your party décor. Perfect for adorning your place settings or used as decorative accents throughout your party space.


Transparent Chair Favor Boxes

9506-wsWe love how these Antique chair favor boxes look displayed! They are such an elegant choice for any winter event, especially when filled with a chocolate truffle! Imagine your guest’s delight as they find their table and see this gorgeous chair on their place setting? Absolutely swoon worthy.


Faceted Ball Design Wine Stoppers


Bring on the Winter Sparkle! Winter is a time for all things snowy and sparkly! This multi faceted ball design bottle stopper will be the “showstopper” of the night with its beautiful details. And aside from beautiful it’s durable design will last for many years to come. Perfect favor for ANY winter party!


“Kissing Bell” Place Card/Photo Holder

12006na-ka The traditional “kissing bell” brings so much joy to your guests. Its beautiful silver open heart design is perfect for use as a place card holder. Display them on a table or on the place settings for a perfect presentation.


Lustrous Snowflake Coaster

fc.7829Here at Serendipity we love gifts that are both beautiful and practical. They make the party you attend so much more special. One of our most favorite favors are the coasters, because they come in such a wide variety of designs, personalized, beautifully packaged or all of the above! For any winter party you have in mind, especially any “Frozen” themed parties, our snowflake coaster is sure to delight, both at the party and at home!


Box With Snowflake & Candy

ee-new_snowflake As with the snowflake coaster, nothing screams “WINTER IS HERE” than icy cool colors and snowflake designs. This is our favorite favor box for any winter themed party. Beautiful colors with gorgeous ribbons and petite snowflake decorative pieces, AND comes prefilled with your choice of treat. Our Winter favor favorite!


“Winter Dreams” Laser-Cut Snowflake Favor Box

28116na-kaFor a White and Silver Winter themed wedding, shower, or kid party another favor that will hit it out of the park is our laser cut snowflake favor box. Its minimalistic design emphasizes the beauty and intricacy of the snowflake and it has always been a winter bestseller! Fill it with chocolate covered sunflower seeds, chocolate covered raisins, Jordan almonds, mints, a chocolate truffle, or any yummy treat you can think of!


Snowflake Ornament

2129-eb_2This has been a winter favorite for many years! Its snowflake design gives it the versatility that we love and it’s packaged in a way that lets you add your own personal flair by personalizing it! Perfect for showers, weddings, or kid parties! Even for corporate events!


Fantasy in Blue Brownie Pop


This season it’s all about the edible favors made popular for their beautiful look when displayed in any creative way and your guests get to EAT their gorgeous favors! It’s a Win-win! Our Fantasy in Blue brownie pops are handmade and beautifully decorated with candy dots, swirls, or crosshatch design and you can choose from over 20 different ribbon colors to color coordinate with your theme. LOVE!


Black shoe favor box


These cuties are new additions to our winter collection. They’re so stylish and look beautiful when placed on the table settings! Fill it with your favorite treat or gift and use a metallic pen to add your guest’s name or table number, they’re sure to be a hit this winter!
It’s hard to choose a favorite because all of our favors are beautiful, unique, and or delicious!

Come check out our entire winter selection and get your favors now for your winter event!



Favors By Serendipity’s Favorite Cinderella Favors

April 29th, 2015


Hello Lovelies!


For this post we’ve decided to gather our favorite favor ideas for a Cinderella Themed Party! The “Happily Ever After” Fairytale theme has been popular across generations and now that the beloved Cinderella Movie was just recently released it’s been everyone’s go to theme! From Babies to Brides, everyone loves the whimsy, the charm and the fantasy that this theme brings.  What WE love about this theme is that it works for a lot of different events! It works for baby showers, bridal showers, and kid parties, even weddings!



So in the spirit of whimsy, we’ve collected our favorite favors that would make the fantasy of your party come alive!




Cinderella Slipper


Cinderella Slipper Fillable  Favor

So let’s start off with the ubiquitous Slipper. Cinderella left her slipper on her way out of the ball and we find it so adorable to use her slipper as everyone’s favor! It’s the embodiment of the story come to life and we just adore it! Fill it with color coordinated M&Ms, jelly beans, or chocolate covered sunflower seeds! Showcase it on your guest’s dinner plate, on stands around the Castle shaped card box, or in your little guest’s goody bags!


Gable Boxes

Personalized Cinderella Metallic Foil Mini Gable Boxes



Here at Serendipity we love everything and anything personalized! It just gives you all the control over the final look of the favor and you can add your flair to every single detail. The Mini Gable Boxes are perfect for the candy buffet table and will charm every single one of your guests. For a kid’s party the gable boxes are perfect as goody bags! Check out all the design options!


Stemless Wine Glass


30009na-ka_230009na-ka_3Personalized Stemless Wine Glass

The personalized stemless wine glass is a favor that we will never stop loving. It’s perfect for any occasion, you can add your own personal touch, and it’s practical gift that can be used long after the party is over. For the Cinderella theme you can choose the slipper design, your choice of words, and fill it with sweet treets wrapped in tulle and placed in the glass for a polished look. What’s not to love?

Check out all the design options!


Choice Crystal Cinderella Pumpkin Coach



 Choice Crystal Cinderella Pumpkin Coach 

This Crystal Coach is just absolutely lovely. It’s been a Serendipity favorite for years and our customers love it! This favor is perfect for a Cinderella themed wedding especially if the bride arrives in a coach! If used for a kid’s party it would be perfect if showcased around the Coach shaped centerpieces!


Royal Coach Design Place Card Holder


 Royal Coach Design Place Card Holder

Just like the Crystal Coach favor, the Coach Design Place card favor is perfect for the Cinderella Theme. Imagine going to a party and taking in all the magic of the décor and the event and then coming to your seat to see this beautiful favor with your name on it! Yeah, we love the idea too. Take it home to display photos or notes!



Shoe Design Bottle Stoppers

1952-fcShoe Design Bottle Stoppers

What we love about this gorgeous bottle stopper is that its elegance, its practicality, and its great quality. It will last you years and years of use long after the party is over. And its so easy to showcase as it already comes beautifully packaged. Cinderella’s slipper is certainly making a statement this year and this bottle stopper is a great way to give the slipper the spotlight!



High Heel Shoe Design Bottle Openers


High Heel Shoe Design Bottle Openers

The shoe bottle opener is also a wonderful addition to this collection of favors. It’s great quality, beautifully packaged with gorgeous damask, and it’s so chic you can’t even tell it’s a bottle opener!



Enchanted Carriage Favor Boxes


Enchanted Carriage Favor Boxes

This favor is an absolute favorite for kid Cinderella parties! It’s so colorful and whimsical and all the little princesses would absolutely go crazy for it. Especially if it’s filled with goodies! Makes for a great addition to the goody bag!


Cinderella Gold and Ivory Pumpkin Coach Key Chain


Cinderella Gold and Ivory Pumpkin Coach Key Chain

Gold is all the rage in 2015. Gold and glitter made a huge splash in the party scene and we absolutely love that this new Pumpkin Coach favor is accented with gold. Key Chains are always useful around the house to hold spare keys, or pool or mailbox keys, and this gorgeous design is difficult to overlook!


Royal Favor Collection: Crown Design Key Chain


Royal Favor Collection Crown Design Key Ring Favors

Just like the pumpkin coach key chain, this crown key ring favor is perfect for the Cinderella theme because she became a princess. And what better way to represent that than with a beautiful crown!


It’s hard to chose just a single favorite but we know that any of these gifts will work for any Cinderella party you’re planning!

For more ideas on Cinderella themed parties follow our board on Pinterest!

Top 10 Tuesdays: Totally Unique Baby Shower Ideas for Baby Boys

February 3rd, 2015

We’re Baaack!

On our last post we collected our favorite baby shower ideas for baby girls. We loved the concept of planning themed baby showers that we thought we’d give it one more go with baby boys. There are just so many creative ideas to choose from it was difficult to keep it at only 10, but we did it!

We’re so anxious to share with you what we put together so without further ado…

Top 10 Tuesdays




This idea is so much fun and allows you to get very creative with it. It’s so colorful and there are so many game ideas it’s hard to contain oneself with the entertainment! If you think outside the box you will see there are a hundred and one ways to make this theme your own. For favors our favorite things are the Big Top Themed boxes that you can fill with peanuts or animal crackers to stay within the theme.






Bring a little country nostalgia to your baby shower with this adorable and simple theme. It’s great especially in the summer and it’s so easy, you can add any agricultural element to make every small detail count! Sunflowers, haystacks, produce, gingham, burlap and farm animals are elements that you can play with to make it feel like a real barnyard bash. For favors our top picks are personalized burlap bags that can be filled with candy corn, the egg shaped kitchen timer, or mini picnic baskets that you can fill with treats and use red or gingham patterned fabric as an additional decorative element.





Just like the barnyard theme, the Jungle Safari lets you get wild! Bring in exotic animals to be the centers of attention, make the party feel like your guests are going on a jungle excursion and let everyone’s imagination roam free. For favors we suggest our King of the Jungle Lion Candle, exotic animal brownie pops, or the animal friends frame.





Nothing is as synonymous with babies quite like the ubiquitous rubber ducky. We see a rubber ducky and immediately we think, “Awww.” Bring this sweetness to your baby shower and get creative with blues, yellows, towels, and bubbles! And all these elements are so easy to find that you can throw a great party even if you’re on a tight budget. For favors our favorite choices are our rubber ducky soap that comes prepackaged and ready for display or our rubber ducky candle.





The nautical baby shower theme is so unique because very few things represent masculinity the same way the open ocean does. Use elements like anchors, rope, boats, nets, and fish to make your party décor a hit. There are so many adorable ways to bring this theme to life you’ll be unstoppable and your guests will love it.  For Favors we loved the elegant sailboat tea light holders, or the anchor shaped bookmark.




For some reason, everyone loves monkeys. They’re cute, they’re silly, they’re loud, but most of all monkeys know how to have fun. It’s their “monkey business!” Bring this silliness to your own baby shower with adorable swinging monkeys, palm trees, bananas, and vines hanging from your ceiling. You’ll find yourself “monkeying around!” For favors we have the cutest monkey candle, monkey place card holders that your guests can take home and place their favorite photos of the shower on display, or the personalized monkey design jelly bean pack that’s easy and ready to go.




One of the absolutely most popular themes for baby showers or even children’s parties is the “Little Man” theme. Hands down. Everyone seems to gravitate toward this theme because….well, how can you not! Every baby boy will eventually grow into a gentleman, so why not use these elements for a baby boy that’s on the way. Mustaches, top hats, bow ties, and glasses are all so playful and whimsical it will be a hit no matter what you do. Our favorite favors for this theme are the personalized travel candle and the mustache cookie cutter.





Congratulations to the “Mommy to Bee!” One of the reasons why we love this theme is because it can be gender neutral with these bold and bright colors and its easy to execute. We love using beehives, bees, honeycombs, and bright yellows to bring this party to life. For favors we loved the honeycomb soap and the beehive box that can be filled with goodies. Either way, your guests will love it.





Who doesn’t love teddy bears?  Teddy bears are so sweet and tender, they bring peace and happiness with each hug no matter how old you are. Even as children, our teddy bears always held a special place in our heart and how perfect is this theme to welcome a baby boy? You can use soft blues, creams, and mochas and teddy bear décor to make this party so adorably sweet for everyone. Our top picks for favors are the super cute teddy bear towel, the bear bookmark, and for cupcake wrappers you have to go with our cream colored, laser cut bear wrappers. They’re “Bear-y” beautiful!






Last but not least is probably our favorite theme on this list, the black and gold color scheme. It’s modern, it’s elegant, and it’s chic and we just love it to welcome a dapper young gentleman. Treat the mommy to be with a sophisticated and elegant party that she will never forget. Gold is all the rage this season so go crazy with it! Black stripes and chevron, gold accents everywhere are the perfect way to decorate for a party as elegant as this. For favors we loved our metallic gold foil personalized lollipops, goody bags, and the always elegant black scroll frames. You can’t wrong with these!

You didn’t think we’d forget to show your our favorite gifts and keepsakes, did you? Of course not. Baby Showers are about more than just cute decor and favors, the parents to be also need to have some essentials and some keepsakes to be ready for the baby’s arrival! Here are some of our favorite gifts, both practical and whimsical!

Baby Shower Clothesline Keepsakes

The Clothesline keepsake is a perfect way to keep your guests busy by having them fill out some parenting tips and hanging them on the clothesline and will be beautiful hanging in the baby’s room!







The New Daddy Toolbelt is a perfect gag gift for new daddies who need diaper change training! Seriously though, all these tools do come in handy!




Also a perfect “gag” gift for new daddies! Train them to help you with positive reinforcement and sweet treats!


All the favors and gifts are available at

{Party decor photos courtesy of Pinterest} 


With any party theme you choose, get creative with the food, the drinks, the décor, the games, and the favors. Don’t let us tell you what the perfect favor is, use your party planning skills and your good taste to find the perfect gift your favors will love!


What is your favorite theme!?
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Top 10 Totally Unique Baby Shower Ideas for Baby Girls

November 25th, 2014

Top 10 Tuesdays - Baby Showers for girls


When it comes time to plan a baby shower it’s so easy to get stumped. There are so many things to consider and lots of details to pay attention to. What does the mommy-to-be like, what would be good theme? Should there even be a “theme?”  Where to start? Well, for all these questions we’ve collected several baby shower ideas for girls that can help you figure out a place to start. We have also included several gender neutral ideas that can easily be customized for girls because let’s face it,  it’s a new age and we really love the new and creative ways to celebrate that everyone is coming up with! Not only that but we know a ton of new parents who wish to keep the baby’s gender a surprise until the birth so we also want to help out those parents who love surprises! Décor ideas, favors, games, it’s all here just a click away!


So without further ado here are our Top 10 Favorite baby shower ideas!


Owl Love You!

OWL LOVE YOU{Images via 1/2/3/4/5}

One of the reasons why we absolutely adore the Owl theme is that not only is it adorable but it works for both genders depending on the colors you choose to go with. For this theme we love the browns and pinks with gorgeous pink owls. It can be woodsy and still lovely.

We have some adorable owl favors that you can use with this theme to impress your guests.


French & Paris

PARIS{Images via 1/2/3/4/5/6/7}


The Parisian theme is so chic and suits well… just about any type of celebration! We are absolutely obsessed with this theme it’s almost unhealthy. Of course, Paris is the city of love, fashion, and all things elegant and we have the perfect favors that will perfectly represent your good taste.

Follow our French & Paris Pinterest Board for more ideas!



PINK AND GOLD{Images via 1/2/3/4/5}

 You don’t always have to go with a theme to make the baby shower memorable. Sometimes an elegant combination of colors is all you need. Pink and Gold are beautiful, stylish, and sophisticated, but also soft and precious. This works especially well if you incorporate the princess theme because the gold really brings a certain “queenly” feel.

For this theme we have the perfect assortment of pink and gold favors, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Follow our Pink & Gold Baby Shower Pinterest Board for more ideas!



SPRINKLED WITH LOVE{Images via 1/2/3/4/5}


We love this idea because it’s so original and unique. It’s colorful and it’s also gender neutral, which we also love. Making the theme of your shower revolve around sprinkles brings such a childlike and whimsical spirit to the party you can’t help but to have fun!

Our top favor picks for this party include all things edible! Here’s another idea: You can mix our chocolate covered sunflower seeds in different colors and place them in a clear personalized containers!



BREAKFAST AT TIFFANYS{Images via 1/2/3/4/5}


Here’s another idea we absolutely love. The Iconic movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s certainly left a mark on American Pop Culture and it epitomizes ladylike elegance and sophistication. This is a gorgeous way to celebrate the welcoming of a future elegant little lady coming into the world! This theme is so easy to incorporate, blue and turquoise are such gorgeous colors, and with a touch of pearls here and there it’s sure to be a hit! We have an entire section on our site dedicated to this theme and you’re sure to find the perfect favors and décor pieces.


Follow our Breakfast at Tiffany’s Pinterest board for more inspiration on how to incorporate this theme into your baby shower!



WILD SAFARI{Images via 1/2/3/4/5}


This is such a fun and wild way to celebrate the new baby and parents to be! We like to have fun with party themes and we think that the Wild Safari idea is fit for your little wild animal on the way! Using pinks and dark browns mix the perfect amount of girly and wild to make the party roar!



PINK AND GRAY PRINCESS{Images via 1/2/3/4/5}


It’s nearly impossible to have a Top 10 list without including the “Little Princess” theme! It’s so girly and lovely, it’s almost impossible to overlook. However, the most popular way to execute this theme is by using monochromatic pinks. We think that it’s about time to try something new… how about Gray and Pink!? It’s a very trendy color combo and it looks so adorable with the tiaras and princess décor.


Find more inspiration ideas on our Little Princess Pinterest Board!



PETER RABBIT{Images via 1/2/3/4/5/6/7}


Did we mention how much we love mixing the gender neutral baby shower ideas? In case you haven’t caught on to the idea, here’s another one! The Vintage Peter Rabbit is so shabby chic and just so irresistible it’s difficult to overlook this. It’s perfect for either baby boys or girls because of its innocence and sweetness. If you’re looking to make this theme a little bit more girly, swap the blues out for lavender or even yellows! We have a Vintage Peter Rabbit theme on our site to help you find the perfect favors and party supplies. Find more party ideas on our Pinterest Board!



NOAHS ARK{Images via 1/2/3/4/5}

 We love this idea for both baby boys and girls! Swap out some of the blues with pinks and reds and you’ve got yourself a Noah’s Ark themed baby shower worthy of a little princess.



TEA PARTY{Images via 1/2/3/4/5/6/7}


One of the most perfect baby shower ideas for baby girls is the elegant Tea Party Theme. Just like the Parisian theme or Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme, the Tea Party is the one of the most chic and elegant themes perfect for welcoming a little baby girl. Have the party set in a garden and you’ve got a baby shower that will impress all the guests!

Check out our Tea Party section for favors our Pinterest Board for more décor ideas!



What’s your favorite theme! Share your thoughts with us on Facebook!

We would love to hear from you!


Top 10 Favors for a Winter Wedding

September 9th, 2014

This year one of the most popular color schemes has been Blush and Neutrals. What’s not to love!? They’re romantic and they give your party a vintage, rustic feel with a touch of class and elegance.  We’ve seen this color palette for spring and summer weddings but there’s no reason why you can’t bring this into the winter! The fallen snow along with these soft colors makes for a charming and heavenly affair!


[Image via Pinterest]


Of course, we’ve gathered our Top 10 Favor picks for this exquisite winter color scheme.


Vintage Wedding Personalized Lollipop Favors (ID: 3319)


These strawberry flavored pops are so gorgeous AND delicious!  You can chose the design and the colors perfectly match this winter color combo.  Each set of 24 comes with a matching display box so you can display them in your candy buffet!


Wedding Cake Brownie or Rice Krispy Treats (ID: 492)




Speaking of edibles, everyone loves brownies and rice krispies treats, right?

Our Wedding Cake treats are sure to delight your guests! Chose from 6 colors and place each treat in a cellophane bag with one of our personalized labels to finish off the perfect presentation. Display them on your candy buffet, or place them in each place setting for your guests to enjoy after dinner!


Vintage Wedding Personalized Muffin Mix (ID: 3330)


Our Vintage Collection includes this delightful muffin mix favor. We love that you can personalize this favor to suit your good taste and give it an impressive and charming look. Add a mini heart whisk to finish off the presentation!

“Lace” Frosted-Glass Tealight Holder (Set of 4) (ID: 3079)


These Lace Frosted Glass Tealight holders are perfect for the right amount of vintage glamour.  It’s a charming little favor with all the right details! Perfect for accenting each table or place setting, it adds warmth to an already cozy winter tablescape.


“Love Birds” White Bird Tea Light Candles (ID: 3041)


The Love Bird theme for a winter wedding is so appropriate and beautiful. They look so endearing at the dinner table and the fact that these are candles they also add warmth to the cold winter night. Take advantage of the gorgeous packaging and showcase them in a place where your guests can admire them!

Box With Satin Ribbon, Berry Embellishments and Candy (ID: 1216)


Because the season is so majestic and awe inspiring, we thought we’d bring some of that winter beauty to the favors we bring to you. One of our winter favorites is this box with satin ribbon and berry embellishment. The “DIY” work is already done, we assemble them, fill them, with your choice of candy and send them your way carfully packaged. For this blush and neutral color combo we suggest the Textured Ivory box with ivory berry embellishment. They look so lovely sitting on each place setting your guests are sure to be delighted.


Lovebirds in the Window Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers (ID: 2068)


For this season, we really love the “Love Bird” theme! Not only do birds symbolize life long partnership but also these cute birds just appear to be radiating love and warmth. Everyone loves a favor that they can use and these salt and pepper shakers deliver on the functional side, too! They come adorably packaged that match perfectly with Blush and Neutral color combo.


Vintage Wedding Personalized Notebook Favors (ID: 3275)


Our Vintage collection offers cute, delicious, and useful favors. The Vintage Collection Wedding notebook favor is something that we love because of it’s adorable vintage feel your guests can carry in their car or purse to jot down important notes each and every day. And each time they’ll remember your special day. We love this favor because it gives you the freedom to choose the adorable design and, by the way, they are ALL beautiful.


Personalized “Rustic Renaissance” Burlap Favor Bag (Set of 12) (ID: 3106)


This Winter Color Scheme lends itself to a vintage and rustic feel. For that we love these burlap favor bags. We always love personalization because you can add your touch to our favors to make them perfect for you. These Burlap bags look perfect when placed in antique baskets!


Shabby Chic, Vintage Style Frame (ID: 2995)




You can’t have a gorgeous vintage winter wedding without our Shabby Chic Vintage Frame. They’re perfect for this color combination and you can add some vintage glam by framing burlap and using clear sticker numbers! These frames are a vintage favorite!


What do you think? Do you love this color combo for a Winter Wedding? Or do you prefer blues and grays? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook! 

Bridal Beauty 101

July 8th, 2014

Hello Lovelies!

One of the details that’s so important to not overlook on your wedding day is your bridal makeup. On your wedding day everyone’s eyes will be on you and there will be lots and lots of cameras in your face documenting every. single. moment. Of course you want to look and feel your absolute best!  So now more than ever is the time to put your best face forward.

We have collected some ideas to help you achieve the perfect bridal look!

Briday Beauty 101


• Know your face shape so that you know what areas needs to be accentuated and where to apply product so that it will best enhance your features.

• Don’t forget the eyebrows! Eyebrows are the key to framing your eyes and face. Find the brow shape that best fits your face, fill them in, and take good care of them.

• If you have under-eye circles, find a concealer that covers them up the best, apply it in an upside down triangle under your eye with a concealer brush or beauty blender sponge, and set it with powder.

• Lashes! Lashes take your best eye makeup looks to the next level of glam! Try them on and you’ll see how much of a difference lashes make.



• Proper Skin care goes a long way in giving you the perfect canvas to work with. Take care of your skin with moisturizer, sunscreen, serum, or whichever products give you that natural, radiant glow.

• Stay hydrated! On the weeks leading up to your wedding drink lots of water every day to help your skin look its best.

• It’s best to skip on trying new products right before your big day. You don’t want to be dealing with irritated skin or breakouts.


•  Balance – If you’re going with bold brows or smokey eyes, pair them with a nude lip. Or if you’re more inclined for a gorgeous, plump lip color, go with soft and romantic eyes.

• Invest in a good set of quality brushes- they make a big difference in application and blending. The best brushes are designed to prevent product fall out and give you a smooth, effortless, and flawless application.

Bridal look

{Image Credit:}

• But most importantly, spend some time  learning how to enhance your most beautiful features through the magic of contouring. The key is in learning the techniques and finding the right mix of products for your face.

Here, Nur from HSN shares some great tips and tricks to achieve that polished, contoured face:

You can achieve that stunning, flattering, makeup look you envisioned for your wedding with simple tips and tricks that you can do yourself. If doing your own wedding makeup is out of the question, these are good ideas to bring up to your makeup artist so that they can perfect your already beautiful face for your big day.

Remember, you will be looking at your wedding pictures for a lifetime and you want your makeup to be “picture perfect.” If you live in the Los Angeles or Orange County, CA area we highly recommend Georgette. You can find her at

Follow us on Pinterest for more gorgeous bridal looks!

9f62e75a3a11585671633389d90b23bf{Image Credit: Pinterest}

“Top 10 Tuesdays” – DIY Treat Stations

June 10th, 2014

Happy Tuesday Friends :)

Today we’re in a creative spirit so we put together a post to inspire you for your next party!

Top 10 Tuesday - DIY Party Stations


Everyone has been to a party where there was a Candy Buffet. It’s such a great idea to be able to give your guests the chance to put their own favor bags together of their favorite sweets. Today we want to give you ten new ideas for your treat station!

But first, some tips and tricks on how to set up your party station:

• To start off, you’ll to pick a location in your venue to set up the station. Pick a prominent wall or corner that will immediately grab your guest’s attention. It doesn’t have to be focal point of the venue but it needs to be in a place that’s easy to see and access from anywhere in the room.

• Decorate the station starting with a backdrop and a banner announcing to your guests what the station is serving. And you’ll want to go with the colors or theme of your party to bring cohesion to the decor. Add some tall flowers, votive candles, cute quotes, sayings or instructions in frames, or anything else that might make your table come alive with color.

• Set up a large rectangular table with all the elements you’ll need to complete the station and make sure you have provided plates, utensils, cups, or whatever it is you’ll be serving on.

We recommend hitting up it your local dollar store or crafts store for inexpensive serving platters, glassware, and tableware.

You’ll want to choose glassware of different heights and set them up to bring symmetry to the décor. The tallest platters look better if placed in the back and smaller ones in the front. Place the cups, plates, and utensils on the sides for easy access.

• Depending on the station you’re making, you might consider “DIY-ing” or renting taller serving “towers” to add more space to your table for other tasty options as well as for decorative purposes.  Remember to offer a variety of options for your guests to choose from!

• If you’re planning on creating a station that offers something that needs assistance, such as panini station that needs a grilling or a DIY signature cocktail station you might want to have someone man the station to help your guests put together the tasty treats!

DIY Treat stations are so much fun for the entire party for many reasons. They let your guests create something that they’ll enjoy, it’s a great way to decorate your space, offers a way to break the ice among your guests, and it’s a great idea to keep the guests entertained in between activities.

So without further ado, here are our favorite station ideas!


Make your own S’more Station

For a cozy winter themed party, a S’more station is just the thing you need to warm you up!


photo 51/2

Creamy Hot Chocolate Station

As with the S’more station, a hot chocolate station would be perfect for a party in the wintertime. It’s cold outside! Let your guests warm up to each other with a hot chocolate in hand!






Place these Personalized Mugs in the station to serve as their take home favor!



Decorate your own Cupcake Station

Who doesn’t love a cute cupcake? This station lets your guests do their own creative decorating! Set it up to give your guests options on different colored icing and toppings!


make your own 11/2

We also have an assorted variety of cupcake supplies from wrappers, stands, and cupcake boxes that guests can take home!

Our favorite is this cute personalize cupcake box!



Decorate your Mini Donut Station

Another great treat to decorate are mini donuts!



Here’s another perfect personalized box for your guests to take their yummy treats home!




Mix your own Mimosa Station

If you’re having a brunch bridal shower, a Mimosa bar is beyond perfect!


IMG_5751-001-300x300 1/2

Our personalized twisted stem champagne flutes are ideal for the mimosa bar!





Veggie Station

The store bought veggie serving platters are a healthy and yummy alternative to sweets, but the platters lack a certain…pizzazz! Make your own station from inexpensive glassware from the dollar store and bring some extra oomph to the Veggie station.



 You can use these personalized, adorable glass jars and pre-fill them with ranch dressing so that your guests can just grab one and fill them with veggies of their choice!




Make your own sliders Station

This is one of our favorite ideas for the summer! If you’re having a summer get together, have guests make their own sliders! Just be sure to have plenty of sizzling hot slider patties always available.


Sliders Station IMG_26481/2/3

 Choose your desserts Station

We all love the candy buffets, who doesn’t! Here’s a different way to satisfy that sweet tooth!





Make sure to have plenty of buffet boxes for your guests to take home!





Mix your own salad station

As an alternative to the veggie station, salads are also a great idea to offer as a healthy option.


IMG_1273[1] 1/2

Create Your Favorite Drink Station

Cocktails are almost always, 99%, a must at every party. Whether you serve wine,  beer, or spirits, It’s always great to offer a variety of drinks for your guests!




Our personalized stem-less wine glass is perfect for the drink station!





Which one is your favorite?!

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“Top 10 Tuesdays” – Top Mexico Wedding Destinations

May 20th, 2014

So after much deliberation with your fiancé, it’s been decided… you’re having a destination wedding! How incredibly adventurous! You’ve always been consumed by wanderlust and you’ve taken advantage of your big day to go all out. We don’t blame you for wanting to get away – in fact – let us inspire you some more!

Destination weddings are a fabulous idea for a number of reasons and you’ve already thought about it all. They allow you to have an incredibly intimate celebration with the people you love most, you can get away from your normal routine and let romance to take the lead, and most of the planning is already done for you. Resorts and hotels offer packages that keep the wedding planning stress to a minimum.

All you need now is the destination. No worries, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve researched popular destinations on Destination Weddings and have found Mexico to be almost perfect! So without further ado, here are our favorite picks for a Mexican Wedding Getaway!


Top 10 - Mexico 2


• Cabo San Lucas


 Destination Weddings, the top rated wedding site for romantic getaways, describes Cabo San Lucas as a “formerly sleepy fishing village that blends stunning views of the desert, mountains, and beaches on the Baja California coast.” It was originally planned to be a vacation town so there’s plenty of top rated resorts, spas, and activities.

•  Cancun


 Cancun is widely known as a worldwide party destination but this gorgeous city is much, much more than that. With friendly locals, numerous Mayan monuments, and breathtaking beaches and scenery, Cancun is destined to be a luxurious and romantic getaway.


•  Cozumel


 Cozumel has always been a popular tourist destination because of it’s bright blue waters, abundant coral reefs, and vibrant night scene. The gorgeous scenery offers an incredibly romantic and intimate vibe, especially if you escape to Passion Island that’s removed from crowds. This is definitely the place to go if you’re looking for more privacy.


•  Riviera Maya


Also located along the Yucatan peninsula is the Luxurious Riviera Maya. This region is “comprised of a number of smaller resort towns and villages, including Tulum, Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen, each with their own vibe.” With an endless list of activities, tourist attractions and white sandy beaches, this is definitely paradise on Earth.


•  Acapulco


Acapulco was once known as the “playground for the rich and famous in the 50s.” So if the vibrant nightlife is what you’re after Acapulco is the place to go. It’s the largest beach in Mexico that offers dozens of daredevil excursions and beachside activities. Not to mention its gorgeous scenery and beaches. You’ll never have a dull moment in Acapulco.


•  Mazatlan


Mazatlan is widely known as “Pearl of the Pacific.” And for Good reason! It blends historic areas with new and modern amenities. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a picturesque, rich, and quaint destination for the history buff in you.


•  Puerto Vallarta


 Puerto Vallarta is gaining worldwide recognition for “highest rated resort towns.” Gorgeous beaches, bays, mountain views, and even a nearby tropical jungle in an exquisite location surround it. There’s so much beauty, wildlife, culture, and history to take in you’ll need more than 24 hours in your day to see it all.


•  Ixtapa


 One of the jewels of Mexico’s Pacific coast, Ixtapa is “well-known for fishing charters and high-end golf courses and it epitomizes quiet and unassuming luxury.” This breathtaking resort town is home to exquisite wildlife and centuries old ruins. Ixtapa offers unparalleled luxury and wild excursions in one trip!


 •  Isla Mujeres


 If laid back, private, and low key are your thing, Isla Mujeres is the ideal place for you. Translated to “Island of Women,” this stunning site offers quiet, secluded beaches and exquisite blue waters. Since it’s “discovery” by tourists, this region has seen a growth in popularity and interest, yet still has been able to maintain it’s laid back and small town charm.


•  Cuernavaca


This gorgeous city is widely known for it’s near perfect weather and it’s rich culture and history. No wonder it’s called the “City of Eternal Spring.” There’s so much to see and do in this charming city full of historic buildings and archaeological ruins. It’s a stone’s throw away from the country’s capital, Mexico City, so you’ll have a chance to experience the hustle and bustle of one of the largest cities in the world and simultaneously relax and enjoy the charming and historic Cuernavaca.

Check out our Favors for Beach Weddings post to find the perfect favors for your getaway!

We’ve found that these spectacular Mexican cities have beautiful weather, world famous beaches and so rich in culture and history it’s so hard to say no to Mexico! Aaaanndd, your dollar is sure to go a longer way in Mexico than in other place so you’ll get the most bang for your buck on your big day.

Most of these regions require a valid passport and original copies of birth certificates annotated and translated by an authorized translator certified in Spanish to perform a civil marriage ceremony.


Destination Weddings is a great place to start when planning your big, romantic getaway.

Check them out and let us know your favorite picks!


“Top 10 Tuesdays” Favors for Beach Weddings

May 6th, 2014

It’s that time of the week again!

Today we’ve collected our top 10 picks for Beach Wedding Favors.
Beach weddings can be so fun and carefree; after all, shoes are not required. The sweet, cool breeze, the warm sun and being surrounded by people you love celebrating your big day. Only a cold drink could make that image perfect! To honor that laid-back vibe, we’ve selected our favorite little send-offs for the finishing touch.


Beach Favors



Personalized Strawberry Daiquiri Mix



This favor is perfect because it gives you the freedom to design the label that’s perfect for your big day and it’s a great way for your guests to continue the festivities in your honor long after the wedding is over. It’s a refreshing strawberry blend that will take you back to the beach!


“Anchor” Nautical-Themed Bookmark




One of this year’s hottest wedding colors is Dazzling Blue and hosting a beach wedding is a fantastic way of incorporating that color into your décor. It’s so vibrant and lively, and the perfect favor to complement this hue is the Nautical bookmark.


Flip Flop Bottle Openers




You can never have enough bottle openers. They’re kind of like lip balms, somehow they always end up lost! This adorable flip flop bottle opener is perfect because not only is it practical, it’s adorable. If you and your guests are wearing flip flops most of the time then this favor is even more appropriate!


Stunning Beach-Themed Candle




This candle is just too perfect. Is there such a thing? It has a tea light candle on top and a gorgeous underwater scene. It would look perfect laid out on the place setting and will be sure to stun your guests!


Brilliant Starfish Key Chain




This starfish keychain is a subtle, small touch with a big impact. What an honor to have your guests use this keychain every single day, and every day be reminded of the fabulous time they had at your wedding.


Personalized Sunscreen




It’s hot outside, the sun is shinning and your guests are enjoying themselves on your big day. This personalized sunscreen is a great way to protect their skin from sunburns while they share the joy in your big day. And more, it has natural ingredients, is completely portable with the clip that it comes with and It’s personalized! Triple win!

By the Shore Sand Dollar Coaster



This coaster is so adorable, it looks like it was picked up right off of the beach! It’s perfect for your beach wedding if your guests spent a lot of time with their toes in the sand.


Seaside Sand & Shell Filled Globe Bottle Stopper




Similar to the Stunning Beach-Themed Candle, this favor is too perfect? Can one be more perfect than the other? No, they’re equally amazing. This Bottle stopper has a gorgeous globe filled with sand and shells and it’s as if your guests personally combed the beach to bring back the beach home with them! It can be used again and again!


“Shells By the Sea” Shell Placecard holders




We love these place card holders because they are authentic shells that create the perfect beach vibe to each of your tables. They’re dainty and shiny and are perfect as a gift to your guests as well! They can use these adorable shells and place their own photos at home.


Natural Bamboo Eco-Chic Coasters




With their clean, streamlined design and cute packaging, your guests will be thrilled that they’re receiving a practical and Eco friendly favor! The natural bamboo makes it very durable so they can be used again and again at home.
What favors are you planning on giving for your beach wedding?
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Coco Chanel Inspired Bridal Shower

May 1st, 2014

If there’s one word that epitomizes elegance, style, and class it’s “Chanel.” No other word captures that luxury quite like Chanel does. Befittingly so, the Coco Chanel brand has become the ultimate symbol for chicness and sophistication. So we figured… hey! Let’s throw a Chanel Party! We’ve collected a few ideas for your next bridal shower and we’ve made sure they’re exquisite!

In the famous words of Ms. Coco Chanel herself, a lady should be two things, classy and fabulous.

teaserImage Credit

You want to be sure that every detail is accounted for and a good place to start is by selecting the perfect color scheme. The ideal colors for this theme are Black, White, Grays, and Blush. The decor and favors should go along with this color scheme to bring some cohesion to the event.

color schemeImage credit

The next step is to find the perfect elegant invitations to set the tone for your shower. The great thing about our invites is that they can be customized to suit the colors of your bridal shower along with coordinating envelopes and stationary.

invitesImage Credit


Details!  Details! Details!  

They say that the impact is all in the smallest of details so be sure to pay attention to all the little things. Sometimes it’s these little things that guests remember most.

Pretty Drinks!

Have a signature cocktail! Serve it up in long stem flutes with fruit for a gorgeous presentation.

drinksImage Credits: 1/2/3


Use Blush and striped linens for the chairs, black pom poms and an overabundance of pearls and sparkly brooches. Lush flower arrangements would look so perfect in square shaped vases with Chanel’s signature scent label as table numbers.

decorImage Credits: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9


Chanel is synonymous with French Couture so you’ll want to include other Parisian details:

parisImage Credits


Serve a fabulous cake so exquisite that you won’t even want to eat it!

cakesImage Credits: 1/


And a candy buffet with beautiful sweets will look so gorgeous. If you want to channel Chanel’s logo, it would look so adorable if you use the bride-to-be’s mirrored initials on the stationary

candy buffetImage Credits: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/

CupcakesImage Credits: 1/2/3


A Champagne bar is a must!

champagne barImage Credit: 1/2/3



Show your gratitude to your guests with sweet and adorable favors!

favorsImage Credits: 1/2/3/4/5/6


Fun games & activities 

A bridal shower isn’t complete unless there are fun things for your guests to do! Here are some ideas:

• Make your own scent

• Set up a fancy photo booth complete with fancy props like big hats, gloves, big sunglasses and feather boas

• Post a fancy scroll frame with a cork board and have your guests pin date night ideas

• Have a purse scavenger hunt

• Chanel Bingo!

• Scratchers

• Set up raffle prizes for the winners!



purse hunt


 Image Credits: 1/2/3/4/5/6

What do you think of the Chanel Bridal Shower?  How would you make it fabulous?

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“Top 10 Tuesdays” – Favors for Organza Bags

April 29th, 2014

We’re Baaack!

This week we’re feeling a little… “DIY-ish” So we thought we’d give you a few ideas on how to fill Organza Bags :)

top 10 tuesdays - organza bags

Organza bags are an absolute favorite here at FBYS! You can put whatever you want in them and they deliver a lovely presentation no matter the occasion. Organza bags are perfect for weddings, bridal showers, children & teen parties, baby showers and just general get togethers where you want to give your guests a nice take home gift.

hnd-8701-fb hnd-8701-fb_2

However, because organza bags offer so much room to get creative with the contents, sometimes we don’t know what to put in them. So we’ve collected a handful of items that you can use in your organza bag for your next party!

Lotions & Lip Glosses


Images via 3

This is a great gift if you’re throwing a “girls only” type of bash! Pick up an assortment of inexpensive beauty essentials and fill the organza bags with lotions, yummy lip-glosses, hand sanitizers or body mist.  Our lip balms come personalized so you can make it your own!  These goodies always come in handy so your guests will surely love the favor.

Mini Mani/Pedi Kit

37370be5664153b7368a6a9e8a45a09b  770f040767a2721a7d64446eee126d77

Image via 1/2

Here’s a fantastic idea for a memorable baby shower Favor! Pick up some nail polishes, either pink for a girl, blue for a boy, (or even the color scheme of the baby shower) and some nail files and toe separators and put them in the bag! It will be a mini mani/pedi kit that your guests will love to use.

Tea Party Goodies


Image via 1

Whether you’re having a tea party teen party, bridal shower, or engagement party, the organza bag is the perfect way to go. Choose your party’s color and fill the bag with tea bags, a small spoon, honey, and a small treat like a macaroon. Delish! Your guests will be blown away by the thoughtfulness!

Hershey’s Kisses Chocolates 



Images via 1/2

You can never go wrong with sweets! Hershey’s kisses are so small and delicious that a handful of them in a bag will do the trick. You can even personalize the kisses with some of our stickers!

Your own handmade soap


Image via: 1

If you’re into DIY projects here’s one that’s right up your alley. You can whip up your own signature soap and put it in the bag with a cute quip like “From my shower to yours!” Perfect for bridal showers and baby showers. Here’s a great tutorial for making your own soap. Try your hand at this DIY Project and give your guests a gift that’s extra special!

Cookies or Rice Krispies Treats




Images via: 1/2/3

Organza bags are also perfect for edible goodies! Bake up your own batch of yummy treats for each bag or go with one of ours to add the final finishing touch to your party. This favor is perfect for any occasion! Seriously, all of them.

Small Candles



Images via: 1/2/3

Candles always come in handy, especially if they smell yummy. Bonus points if the candle is in a tin! Some of our candles are completely customize-able so you can choose the colors, the designs, and the wording to make it special.

Your own Coffee or Tea Blend



Images via: 1/2

Chances are your guests are either coffee lovers or tea drinkers. Or Both! A great idea for a special “Perfect Blend” themed affair is an organza bag filled with coffee beans and a coffee scoop.

Honey or Spices


Image via: 1

Staying in line with the kitchen/cooking theme, another great favor to put in an organza bag would be your own personalized honey jar or cooking spices blend. Ideal for any “honey” themed affair, such as “Love is Sweet” party or “Sugar and Spice and everything nice” themed baby shower.

Don’t forget that each organza bag favor isn’t complete with personalized labels!!

We’d love to hear from you! How have you used organza bags?

“Top 10 Tuesdays” Favors for Graduation Parties

April 22nd, 2014

Welcome back : ) We want to let everyone know that we are branching out to other special occasions on our blog. We want to celebrate every special day with you!

Every Tuesday we bring you our top picks for what’s hot and trending in the industry. Today we’ve hand picked our favorite favors that are perfect for any Graduation Party!

top 10 graduation

[Image Credit: SmartTop10]

So it’s nearing the end of April and as we all know May through June is graduation time. Yes!! All the students who devote countless hours to studying, writing papers, and taking tests finally see their hard work pay off. And what a relief it is. But now it’s time to celebrate. No, seriously, party and have a grand ol’ time because the next chapter will be exciting and daunting at the same time.  Now is your chance to give your graduate a party worthy of their hard work!

Whatever party your planning, here we have selected our favorite favors!

Personalized Edible Favors

You can never go wrong with favors that are personalized. And A+ if you can eat them! Whether you go with Mints, jelly beans or lollipops, your favor will pop with color and sweetness! Because finishing up all that schooling sure is sweet.  With dozens of color combinations and designs to choose from you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.


“Oh the Places You’ll Go” Themed Party


If you’re going with this oh so appropriate Dr. Seuss theme, give your guests a favor that they’ll be sure to use each time they travel. Our Acrylic Luggage tag is sturdy and completely customize-able!


Personalized Favor Packages

Favor packaging

These days a candy buffet is almost mandatory at any party. If you’re planning on creating one, go with the school colors and choose one of these favor packages that are both adorable and reusable for your guests to fill with different things long after the party is over.


“The World Is in Your Hands” Themed Party


If your grad is planning on doing some traveling after graduation before the real work begins, how perfect is this Globe Design Bottle Stopper? It’s a beautiful symbol of adventure that your guests can use over and over again.


“We’re your #1 Fans!” Themed Party


Every grad has a “fan base” of family and friends that add much needed support. Expand on this theme by using fans in your decor! Create a colorful fan backdrop using the school colors and lay out small paper fans on the candy and food buffet tables. Our fans can be easily personalized with favor tags and labels to honor the grad and their fan base.


“Chalkboard” Themed Party


By now the most recognized symbol of school and graduations is the ubiquitous chalkboard. You see it from kindergarten all the way up to the college years. So naturally, it’s a perfect theme for a graduation party. And chalkboards are so versatile you can use it virtually anywhere in your décor. Our “Sip and Scribble” Chalkboard coasters are perfect for this theme! Let’s “chalk” it up to the grad’s success!


“One Smart Cookie” Themed Party

Sugar Cooke

We all know it takes brawn as well as brains to be able to graduate. Pulling those all nighters aren’t easy… it takes one smart cookie! It would be a delicious and witty affair, and the perfect favor is our Sugar Cookie Mix. It’s customize-able for a graduation party and you can get it with the mini whisk too!


Key to Success Themed Party


Every student knows that the key to success is in their hands, especially after they finish with school. This classic theme allows you to get creative and lets the guests give the grad their own “keys to success!” Hang a board with bits of advice tied to vintage keys for a vintage yet practical look. Our favor pick for this themed party is our Skeleton Key Bottle Opener.


“Picture Your future” Themed Party


If you’re throwing a “Picture your Future” themed graduation party this is the perfect opportunity to focus on the grad’s future plans. Whether they’re about to venture off to college or if they embark on a new career, you can use their plans as your décor. How perfectly appropriate is a photo booth for this party? Your guests can walk away with this cute picture frame and a picture of themselves with the grad! Double points for the Chalkboard!


“Reach for the Stars” Themed Party


So now that school is over, the graduation party is a perfect time to encourage your grad to reach for the stars!  Here’s an idea – Have a board where your guests can leave bits of advice for the grad on star shaped stationary. Decorate your space with stars hanging from the ceiling and set up a photo booth with a celestial background.  Our favorite favor for this themed party is our adorable and practical Star Bottle Stopper or these yummy star shaped chocolates


How do you plan to celebrate your grad’s success?

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“Top 10 Tuesdays” Vintage Blush Wedding Decor & Favor Ideas

April 15th, 2014


Happy Tuesday Lovelies!

Every Tuesday we bring you our top picks for what’s hot and trending in the industry. Today, we’re sharing with you 10 Decor and Favor Ideas for a Vintage Blush Wedding.

Right now the Vintage and Blush wedding theme is incredibly hot and if you’re excited to go with this gorgeous theme for your wedding, here are some ideas to inspire you!

Top 10 Tuesdays - vintage blush




One of the best ways to really pull off the vintage vibe in your wedding is by choosing the right venue. Try to go with a barnyard or a even a woodsy area to host your big day!


Relish the Vintage Details

They say that the smallest details have the biggest impact, and nothing could be more true when it comes to the decor of your wedding. Transform the space with lace, burlap, wooden crates, beautiful antique furniture, and even hang vintage dresses to give the decor a charming, rustic feel.

vintage details1/2/3/4/5/6


Color choice is important, and flowers are a great way to bring some color into your decor. Some of the most beautiful flowers to use for this theme are white and soft pink roses, pink peonies, hydrangeas, rhododendrons and camellias.



Candlelight offers a soft, warm, almost golden romantic tone to the wedding. Use it in the tablescapes, buffet tables, escort tables or anywhere you can place a gorgeous candle or tea light.


Blush Backdrop

Bring the glamour right to the front of the show with a gorgeous blush backdrop. Get your DIY on and tie strips of fabric of different lengths to a long wooden dowel or rope to tie to a couple of trees. Use cream, blush, white, and soft pink color  to create this gorgeous look. The backdrop can be used during the ceremony, behind your head table, or even photo booth for the reception.



Here are a few of our favorite favors for this romantic day! You can personalize them to make them extra memorable, they’re adorable and practical!


This theme gives you a chance to indulge in another popular trend… Chalkboard! Use Chalkboard signs with a nice, script font to help your guests navigate the reception.

Use your Mother’s or Grandmother’s veil 

Wearing your mother’s or grandmother’s veil is such a loving and sentimental gesture that everyone will love! The veils they may have used are sure to have a vintage look, and you can add antique brooches, lace, or even a feather here and there to give it your personal touch.

Old Books as centerpieces

Old, hardback novels can make whimsical and lovely centerpieces. Dress them up with twine, lace, or even strings of pearls and top them with blush flowers in mason jars or vintage teapots to make it a unique centerpiece.




Old Photos Display

Since we’re going with a reminiscent vibe, a longing for the old days, why not have a wall where you can display old black and white photos? Gather some old photos of the families and hang them on twine with clothespins or showcase them in vintage frames for a perfect finishing touch.

old photos

What’s your favorite way to indulge in this nostalgic wedding theme?

We’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with us on Facebook!


5 Bachelorette Party Ideas That You’re Dying to Try!

April 4th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 7.09.56 AM


When planning the Bachelorette Party the Million Dollar question is “What Should We Do?” And the typical answers are always Las Vegas or a night out on the town. Fun? Yes. New? No. How about trying something completely new for a change!? Capitalize on the bride’s personality and choose an activity that suits her and is exciting and adventurous for everyone. We’ve also selected a few gift ideas that are unique and memorable for the bridesmaids to go along with each of these exciting outings!

DIY Lingerie Party

5883103858_9ccf418d05Image via: 1


You know you want to try this!

This is a perfect chance to bring the girls together and make something gorgeous for the bride to wear on her wedding night. Plan a night where all the bridesmaids meet to hand make cute little under things. It’s a fantastic way to get your DIY on, bond with your group, and have fun making something beautiful! Each bridesmaid can bring sequins, beads, or special fabrics, use catalogs for inspiration and the internet for “how-to” tutorials. You can even get silly and help the bride find ways to model each handmade under-thing for the groom! The bride will have handmade gifts by her bridesmaids and the girls will help make her wedding night special. Just don’t forget the wine. Or the chocolate.

A perfect gift for this sexy occasion is our Bustier Cookiecookie_boustier This is customizable to suit  the colors you wish and we can personalize it for you to make it more memorable. Wrap them in cellophane bags and tie them with ribbon to make this a super cute and delicious gift!



 glamping41Image via: 1

“Glamping” is certainly an unconventional idea for a bachelorette party. But that doesn’t mean it has to be rough! The latest craze is “Glamourous Camping” or “Glamping” for short.  It’s a luxurious way to experience the outdoors without sacrificing the comforts you can’t live without. Glamping is a fresh and creative way to celebrate the last days of being single, so for the offbeat bride who loves the outdoors, this is the way to go.

For the bridesmaids joining on this excursion, an exquisite gift is the “The Cosmopolitan” Monogrammed Cosmetic Travel Bag


Fill it with necessities such as hand sanitizer, facial wipes, bug spray, small water bottle, sunscreen, lip balm, a mini hairbrush and a compact mirror to complete the surprise for each bridesmaid.


At Home Spa Day


So everyone loves a facial, right? How about hosting an at home spa day for the bridesmaids! Why spend hundreds of dollars on fancy facials and manicures when you can do the same at home? Make a relaxing playlist to set the mood, gather some DIY facials, scrubs, and manicure ideas to pamper each other and get going. If you have access to a pool where you live, lounge by the pool to soak up some sun and get a nice tan before the big day. As the day progresses turn the at home spa day into a sleepover! Reminisce about the old days, watch scary movies, order take out, make some cocktails and enjoy each other’s company. It’s a great opportunity to relax and unwind and bond with the girls.

A great gift idea for this home retreat would be a gorgeous clutch filled with goodies. Hit up Forever 21 (or your favorite boutique) and grab a clutch for each bridesmaid and fill them with some of our Beauty Essentials!

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 7.39.03 AM


Winery Tour

wine4 Image via: 1

 Touring wineries and spending the weekend in a Bed and Breakfast sounds like such a fun and relaxing idea for a bachelorette party for the Bride who loves wine. We all know her.

Some wineries offer a wide variety of activities for groups besides wine tasting and touring so there’s always something to do. Enjoy the local cuisine and experience the local culture while you’re bonding with your group and make it bachelorette party to cherish forever.

For the bridesmaids enjoying the wine country the perfect gift is the Personalized Stemless Wine Glass


Personalize this gift with the date of the bachelorette party and choose from a wide variety of designs to suit the bride’s personality. They will always remember their time with you in wine country each time they pour a glass.




How many times do we have a chance to be tourists in our own cities? Gather the bridesmaids, rent a swanky hotel room in the nearest big city and tour the town as a tourist would! Take tourist photos at all the town’s popular hotspots that you always overlook, eat and drink at the town’s hottest bar you keep saying you’ll go to, take that bay cruise you’ve been dying to get on, and take advantage of the hotels amenities! Play drinking games and guessing games in the hotel room, and give the bride advice to keep it hot and sexy with her new hubby. It’s a chance to enjoy your city in a new way.

A perfect gift for this getaway is our Martini Design Bottle Stopper for all the bottles you’ll be taking to the hotel!



Do you have any fun ideas for your bachelorette party?

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