About Me

May 30th, 2009
Eileen Langdon

Eileen Langdon

When I started in the wedding industry 17 years ago, it was to help decorate and coordinate weddings and parties for friends and family who were on a tight budget, and I loved the challenge. It wasn’t long before guests started hiring me to do the same for them. This was before the wonderful world of the Internet existed, which now opens up a way for me to help new friends all over the world.

In addition to my own experiences,  I will be gathering  information from wedding and style experts  so that I’ll be able to help brides to plan a beautiful wedding on a reasonable budget.  In many cases, do it yourself tips will be given as well.

We all love to read the stories and watch the TV programs about the latest celebrity wedding where they spent a bazillion dollars. Most of us mere mortals can’t afford to spend our life savings (that is, if anyone still has life savings) on our wedding day, but want it to look like we did. Hopefully that’s where I will be able to help.

You can contact me here: eileen@yourweddingwhisperer.com