Favors By Serendipity’s Favorite Cinderella Favors

April 29th, 2015


Hello Lovelies!


For this post we’ve decided to gather our favorite favor ideas for a Cinderella Themed Party! The “Happily Ever After” Fairytale theme has been popular across generations and now that the beloved Cinderella Movie was just recently released it’s been everyone’s go to theme! From Babies to Brides, everyone loves the whimsy, the charm and the fantasy that this theme brings.  What WE love about this theme is that it works for a lot of different events! It works for baby showers, bridal showers, and kid parties, even weddings!



So in the spirit of whimsy, we’ve collected our favorite favors that would make the fantasy of your party come alive!




Cinderella Slipper


Cinderella Slipper Fillable  Favor

So let’s start off with the ubiquitous Slipper. Cinderella left her slipper on her way out of the ball and we find it so adorable to use her slipper as everyone’s favor! It’s the embodiment of the story come to life and we just adore it! Fill it with color coordinated M&Ms, jelly beans, or chocolate covered sunflower seeds! Showcase it on your guest’s dinner plate, on stands around the Castle shaped card box, or in your little guest’s goody bags!


Gable Boxes

Personalized Cinderella Metallic Foil Mini Gable Boxes



Here at Serendipity we love everything and anything personalized! It just gives you all the control over the final look of the favor and you can add your flair to every single detail. The Mini Gable Boxes are perfect for the candy buffet table and will charm every single one of your guests. For a kid’s party the gable boxes are perfect as goody bags! Check out all the design options!


Stemless Wine Glass


30009na-ka_230009na-ka_3Personalized Stemless Wine Glass

The personalized stemless wine glass is a favor that we will never stop loving. It’s perfect for any occasion, you can add your own personal touch, and it’s practical gift that can be used long after the party is over. For the Cinderella theme you can choose the slipper design, your choice of words, and fill it with sweet treets wrapped in tulle and placed in the glass for a polished look. What’s not to love?

Check out all the design options!


Choice Crystal Cinderella Pumpkin Coach



 Choice Crystal Cinderella Pumpkin Coach 

This Crystal Coach is just absolutely lovely. It’s been a Serendipity favorite for years and our customers love it! This favor is perfect for a Cinderella themed wedding especially if the bride arrives in a coach! If used for a kid’s party it would be perfect if showcased around the Coach shaped centerpieces!


Royal Coach Design Place Card Holder


 Royal Coach Design Place Card Holder

Just like the Crystal Coach favor, the Coach Design Place card favor is perfect for the Cinderella Theme. Imagine going to a party and taking in all the magic of the décor and the event and then coming to your seat to see this beautiful favor with your name on it! Yeah, we love the idea too. Take it home to display photos or notes!



Shoe Design Bottle Stoppers

1952-fcShoe Design Bottle Stoppers

What we love about this gorgeous bottle stopper is that its elegance, its practicality, and its great quality. It will last you years and years of use long after the party is over. And its so easy to showcase as it already comes beautifully packaged. Cinderella’s slipper is certainly making a statement this year and this bottle stopper is a great way to give the slipper the spotlight!



High Heel Shoe Design Bottle Openers


High Heel Shoe Design Bottle Openers

The shoe bottle opener is also a wonderful addition to this collection of favors. It’s great quality, beautifully packaged with gorgeous damask, and it’s so chic you can’t even tell it’s a bottle opener!



Enchanted Carriage Favor Boxes


Enchanted Carriage Favor Boxes

This favor is an absolute favorite for kid Cinderella parties! It’s so colorful and whimsical and all the little princesses would absolutely go crazy for it. Especially if it’s filled with goodies! Makes for a great addition to the goody bag!


Cinderella Gold and Ivory Pumpkin Coach Key Chain


Cinderella Gold and Ivory Pumpkin Coach Key Chain

Gold is all the rage in 2015. Gold and glitter made a huge splash in the party scene and we absolutely love that this new Pumpkin Coach favor is accented with gold. Key Chains are always useful around the house to hold spare keys, or pool or mailbox keys, and this gorgeous design is difficult to overlook!


Royal Favor Collection: Crown Design Key Chain


Royal Favor Collection Crown Design Key Ring Favors

Just like the pumpkin coach key chain, this crown key ring favor is perfect for the Cinderella theme because she became a princess. And what better way to represent that than with a beautiful crown!


It’s hard to chose just a single favorite but we know that any of these gifts will work for any Cinderella party you’re planning!

For more ideas on Cinderella themed parties follow our board on Pinterest!