“Top 10 Tuesdays” – DIY Treat Stations

June 10th, 2014

Happy Tuesday Friends :)

Today we’re in a creative spirit so we put together a post to inspire you for your next party!

Top 10 Tuesday - DIY Party Stations


Everyone has been to a party where there was a Candy Buffet. It’s such a great idea to be able to give your guests the chance to put their own favor bags together of their favorite sweets. Today we want to give you ten new ideas for your treat station!

But first, some tips and tricks on how to set up your party station:

• To start off, you’ll to pick a location in your venue to set up the station. Pick a prominent wall or corner that will immediately grab your guest’s attention. It doesn’t have to be focal point of the venue but it needs to be in a place that’s easy to see and access from anywhere in the room.

• Decorate the station starting with a backdrop and a banner announcing to your guests what the station is serving. And you’ll want to go with the colors or theme of your party to bring cohesion to the decor. Add some tall flowers, votive candles, cute quotes, sayings or instructions in frames, or anything else that might make your table come alive with color.

• Set up a large rectangular table with all the elements you’ll need to complete the station and make sure you have provided plates, utensils, cups, or whatever it is you’ll be serving on.

We recommend hitting up it your local dollar store or crafts store for inexpensive serving platters, glassware, and tableware.

You’ll want to choose glassware of different heights and set them up to bring symmetry to the décor. The tallest platters look better if placed in the back and smaller ones in the front. Place the cups, plates, and utensils on the sides for easy access.

• Depending on the station you’re making, you might consider “DIY-ing” or renting taller serving “towers” to add more space to your table for other tasty options as well as for decorative purposes.  Remember to offer a variety of options for your guests to choose from!

• If you’re planning on creating a station that offers something that needs assistance, such as panini station that needs a grilling or a DIY signature cocktail station you might want to have someone man the station to help your guests put together the tasty treats!

DIY Treat stations are so much fun for the entire party for many reasons. They let your guests create something that they’ll enjoy, it’s a great way to decorate your space, offers a way to break the ice among your guests, and it’s a great idea to keep the guests entertained in between activities.

So without further ado, here are our favorite station ideas!


Make your own S’more Station

For a cozy winter themed party, a S’more station is just the thing you need to warm you up!


photo 51/2

Creamy Hot Chocolate Station

As with the S’more station, a hot chocolate station would be perfect for a party in the wintertime. It’s cold outside! Let your guests warm up to each other with a hot chocolate in hand!






Place these Personalized Mugs in the station to serve as their take home favor!



Decorate your own Cupcake Station

Who doesn’t love a cute cupcake? This station lets your guests do their own creative decorating! Set it up to give your guests options on different colored icing and toppings!


make your own 11/2

We also have an assorted variety of cupcake supplies from wrappers, stands, and cupcake boxes that guests can take home!


Our favorite is this cute personalize cupcake box!



Decorate your Mini Donut Station

Another great treat to decorate are mini donuts!



Here’s another perfect personalized box for your guests to take their yummy treats home!




Mix your own Mimosa Station

If you’re having a brunch bridal shower, a Mimosa bar is beyond perfect!


IMG_5751-001-300x300 1/2

Our personalized twisted stem champagne flutes are ideal for the mimosa bar!





Veggie Station

The store bought veggie serving platters are a healthy and yummy alternative to sweets, but the platters lack a certain…pizzazz! Make your own station from inexpensive glassware from the dollar store and bring some extra oomph to the Veggie station.



 You can use these personalized, adorable glass jars and pre-fill them with ranch dressing so that your guests can just grab one and fill them with veggies of their choice!




Make your own sliders Station

This is one of our favorite ideas for the summer! If you’re having a summer get together, have guests make their own sliders! Just be sure to have plenty of sizzling hot slider patties always available.


Sliders Station IMG_26481/2/3

 Choose your desserts Station

We all love the candy buffets, who doesn’t! Here’s a different way to satisfy that sweet tooth!





Make sure to have plenty of buffet boxes for your guests to take home!





Mix your own salad station

As an alternative to the veggie station, salads are also a great idea to offer as a healthy option.


IMG_1273[1] 1/2

Create Your Favorite Drink Station

Cocktails are almost always, 99%, a must at every party. Whether you serve wine,  beer, or spirits, It’s always great to offer a variety of drinks for your guests!




Our personalized stem-less wine glass is perfect for the drink station!





Which one is your favorite?!

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