“Top 10 Tuesdays” – Favors for Organza Bags

April 29th, 2014

We’re Baaack!

This week we’re feeling a little… “DIY-ish” So we thought we’d give you a few ideas on how to fill Organza Bags :)

top 10 tuesdays - organza bags

Organza bags are an absolute favorite here at FBYS! You can put whatever you want in them and they deliver a lovely presentation no matter the occasion. Organza bags are perfect for weddings, bridal showers, children & teen parties, baby showers and just general get togethers where you want to give your guests a nice take home gift.

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However, because organza bags offer so much room to get creative with the contents, sometimes we don’t know what to put in them. So we’ve collected a handful of items that you can use in your organza bag for your next party!

Lotions & Lip Glosses


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This is a great gift if you’re throwing a “girls only” type of bash! Pick up an assortment of inexpensive beauty essentials and fill the organza bags with lotions, yummy lip-glosses, hand sanitizers or body mist.  Our lip balms come personalized so you can make it your own!  These goodies always come in handy so your guests will surely love the favor.

Mini Mani/Pedi Kit

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Here’s a fantastic idea for a memorable baby shower Favor! Pick up some nail polishes, either pink for a girl, blue for a boy, (or even the color scheme of the baby shower) and some nail files and toe separators and put them in the bag! It will be a mini mani/pedi kit that your guests will love to use.

Tea Party Goodies


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Whether you’re having a tea party teen party, bridal shower, or engagement party, the organza bag is the perfect way to go. Choose your party’s color and fill the bag with tea bags, a small spoon, honey, and a small treat like a macaroon. Delish! Your guests will be blown away by the thoughtfulness!

Hershey’s Kisses Chocolates 



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You can never go wrong with sweets! Hershey’s kisses are so small and delicious that a handful of them in a bag will do the trick. You can even personalize the kisses with some of our stickers!

Your own handmade soap


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If you’re into DIY projects here’s one that’s right up your alley. You can whip up your own signature soap and put it in the bag with a cute quip like “From my shower to yours!” Perfect for bridal showers and baby showers. Here’s a great tutorial for making your own soap. Try your hand at this DIY Project and give your guests a gift that’s extra special!

Cookies or Rice Krispies Treats




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Organza bags are also perfect for edible goodies! Bake up your own batch of yummy treats for each bag or go with one of ours to add the final finishing touch to your party. This favor is perfect for any occasion! Seriously, all of them.

Small Candles



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Candles always come in handy, especially if they smell yummy. Bonus points if the candle is in a tin! Some of our candles are completely customize-able so you can choose the colors, the designs, and the wording to make it special.

Your own Coffee or Tea Blend



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Chances are your guests are either coffee lovers or tea drinkers. Or Both! A great idea for a special “Perfect Blend” themed affair is an organza bag filled with coffee beans and a coffee scoop.

Honey or Spices


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Staying in line with the kitchen/cooking theme, another great favor to put in an organza bag would be your own personalized honey jar or cooking spices blend. Ideal for any “honey” themed affair, such as “Love is Sweet” party or “Sugar and Spice and everything nice” themed baby shower.

Don’t forget that each organza bag favor isn’t complete with personalized labels!!

We’d love to hear from you! How have you used organza bags?