“Top 10 Tuesdays” Vintage Blush Wedding Decor & Favor Ideas

April 15th, 2014


Happy Tuesday Lovelies!

Every Tuesday we bring you our top picks for what’s hot and trending in the industry. Today, we’re sharing with you 10 Decor and Favor Ideas for a Vintage Blush Wedding.

Right now the Vintage and Blush wedding theme is incredibly hot and if you’re excited to go with this gorgeous theme for your wedding, here are some ideas to inspire you!

Top 10 Tuesdays - vintage blush




One of the best ways to really pull off the vintage vibe in your wedding is by choosing the right venue. Try to go with a barnyard or a even a woodsy area to host your big day!


Relish the Vintage Details

They say that the smallest details have the biggest impact, and nothing could be more true when it comes to the decor of your wedding. Transform the space with lace, burlap, wooden crates, beautiful antique furniture, and even hang vintage dresses to give the decor a charming, rustic feel.

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Color choice is important, and flowers are a great way to bring some color into your decor. Some of the most beautiful flowers to use for this theme are white and soft pink roses, pink peonies, hydrangeas, rhododendrons and camellias.



Candlelight offers a soft, warm, almost golden romantic tone to the wedding. Use it in the tablescapes, buffet tables, escort tables or anywhere you can place a gorgeous candle or tea light.


Blush Backdrop

Bring the glamour right to the front of the show with a gorgeous blush backdrop. Get your DIY on and tie strips of fabric of different lengths to a long wooden dowel or rope to tie to a couple of trees. Use cream, blush, white, and soft pink color  to create this gorgeous look. The backdrop can be used during the ceremony, behind your head table, or even photo booth for the reception.



Here are a few of our favorite favors for this romantic day! You can personalize them to make them extra memorable, they’re adorable and practical!


This theme gives you a chance to indulge in another popular trend… Chalkboard! Use Chalkboard signs with a nice, script font to help your guests navigate the reception.

Use your Mother’s or Grandmother’s veil 

Wearing your mother’s or grandmother’s veil is such a loving and sentimental gesture that everyone will love! The veils they may have used are sure to have a vintage look, and you can add antique brooches, lace, or even a feather here and there to give it your personal touch.

Old Books as centerpieces

Old, hardback novels can make whimsical and lovely centerpieces. Dress them up with twine, lace, or even strings of pearls and top them with blush flowers in mason jars or vintage teapots to make it a unique centerpiece.




Old Photos Display

Since we’re going with a reminiscent vibe, a longing for the old days, why not have a wall where you can display old black and white photos? Gather some old photos of the families and hang them on twine with clothespins or showcase them in vintage frames for a perfect finishing touch.

old photos

What’s your favorite way to indulge in this nostalgic wedding theme?

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