5 Bachelorette Party Ideas That You’re Dying to Try!

April 4th, 2014

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When planning the Bachelorette Party the Million Dollar question is “What Should We Do?” And the typical answers are always Las Vegas or a night out on the town. Fun? Yes. New? No. How about trying something completely new for a change!? Capitalize on the bride’s personality and choose an activity that suits her and is exciting and adventurous for everyone. We’ve also selected a few gift ideas that are unique and memorable for the bridesmaids to go along with each of these exciting outings!

DIY Lingerie Party

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You know you want to try this!

This is a perfect chance to bring the girls together and make something gorgeous for the bride to wear on her wedding night. Plan a night where all the bridesmaids meet to hand make cute little under things. It’s a fantastic way to get your DIY on, bond with your group, and have fun making something beautiful! Each bridesmaid can bring sequins, beads, or special fabrics, use catalogs for inspiration and the internet for “how-to” tutorials. You can even get silly and help the bride find ways to model each handmade under-thing for the groom! The bride will have handmade gifts by her bridesmaids and the girls will help make her wedding night special. Just don’t forget the wine. Or the chocolate.

A perfect gift for this sexy occasion is our Bustier Cookiecookie_boustier This is customizable to suit  the colors you wish and we can personalize it for you to make it more memorable. Wrap them in cellophane bags and tie them with ribbon to make this a super cute and delicious gift!



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“Glamping” is certainly an unconventional idea for a bachelorette party. But that doesn’t mean it has to be rough! The latest craze is “Glamourous Camping” or “Glamping” for short.  It’s a luxurious way to experience the outdoors without sacrificing the comforts you can’t live without. Glamping is a fresh and creative way to celebrate the last days of being single, so for the offbeat bride who loves the outdoors, this is the way to go.

For the bridesmaids joining on this excursion, an exquisite gift is the “The Cosmopolitan” Monogrammed Cosmetic Travel Bag


Fill it with necessities such as hand sanitizer, facial wipes, bug spray, small water bottle, sunscreen, lip balm, a mini hairbrush and a compact mirror to complete the surprise for each bridesmaid.


At Home Spa Day


So everyone loves a facial, right? How about hosting an at home spa day for the bridesmaids! Why spend hundreds of dollars on fancy facials and manicures when you can do the same at home? Make a relaxing playlist to set the mood, gather some DIY facials, scrubs, and manicure ideas to pamper each other and get going. If you have access to a pool where you live, lounge by the pool to soak up some sun and get a nice tan before the big day. As the day progresses turn the at home spa day into a sleepover! Reminisce about the old days, watch scary movies, order take out, make some cocktails and enjoy each other’s company. It’s a great opportunity to relax and unwind and bond with the girls.

A great gift idea for this home retreat would be a gorgeous clutch filled with goodies. Hit up Forever 21 (or your favorite boutique) and grab a clutch for each bridesmaid and fill them with some of our Beauty Essentials!

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Winery Tour

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 Touring wineries and spending the weekend in a Bed and Breakfast sounds like such a fun and relaxing idea for a bachelorette party for the Bride who loves wine. We all know her.

Some wineries offer a wide variety of activities for groups besides wine tasting and touring so there’s always something to do. Enjoy the local cuisine and experience the local culture while you’re bonding with your group and make it bachelorette party to cherish forever.

For the bridesmaids enjoying the wine country the perfect gift is the Personalized Stemless Wine Glass


Personalize this gift with the date of the bachelorette party and choose from a wide variety of designs to suit the bride’s personality. They will always remember their time with you in wine country each time they pour a glass.




How many times do we have a chance to be tourists in our own cities? Gather the bridesmaids, rent a swanky hotel room in the nearest big city and tour the town as a tourist would! Take tourist photos at all the town’s popular hotspots that you always overlook, eat and drink at the town’s hottest bar you keep saying you’ll go to, take that bay cruise you’ve been dying to get on, and take advantage of the hotels amenities! Play drinking games and guessing games in the hotel room, and give the bride advice to keep it hot and sexy with her new hubby. It’s a chance to enjoy your city in a new way.

A perfect gift for this getaway is our Martini Design Bottle Stopper for all the bottles you’ll be taking to the hotel!



Do you have any fun ideas for your bachelorette party?

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