Inexpensive Ideas to Make Your Wedding a Success

August 19th, 2013

Today we have a special treat for you, lovelies. Our friend Catherine, lifestyle blogger from London, UK, has agreed to write a guest post for our blog. She’ll be discussing great ways to cut costs on your big day. So without further ado, we give you:


Inexpensive (and Successful!) Wedding Plan Ideas

Image: Forrest.Rowell

Image: Forrest.Rowell

Planning your dream wedding can come with a big price tag. If you are looking to save on your wedding and still have a magical day, then here are a few things you can do to cut your expenses.

Plan a Smaller Wedding

Only invite people who really matter. Stick to sending invitations only to friends and close family. You don’t have to invite your second cousin’s aunt’s family. Invite people in your close circle.

Being with people you love on such an important day is what counts. Spending your wedding with such people would only make it happier and hassle free. You can have your perfect wedding this way and cut down on the spending at the same time.

Get a Steal on the Venue

Since you would be inviting only a close circle of people to your wedding, you can forget worrying about setting the date on a weekend. All your close friends will attend your wedding on any day.

So, get the best deals on reception halls by choosing a week day. Most halls offer cheaper services on weekdays. This way you’d get your dream location for a steal.

If you aren’t big on the location, look for halls that do not really host weddings. Another way of saving money would be to finalise on a location that allows you to have your own catering and doesn’t tie you down with a rather expensive package.

Hire Your Own Caterers

While most wedding halls offer packages that include catering, you might want to check for halls that let you cater your wedding.

Most halls charge a lot of money for such deals, while getting in your own caterers is a comparatively cheaper option to go with. This way you can also avoid serving bad food from unreliable caterers and hire people who actually give you what you want. You could choose the menu accordingly, and cut down on a lot of expenditure.

Do it Yourself

One of the easiest ways to save money is by doing it yourself. It is your wedding, who’d be a better judge of how things should be apart from you. You don’t have to shell out a lot of money for a wedding planner when you can do it yourself. You could turn your dream wedding into reality.

Don’t hire a DJ, be your own DJ. Make a CD with all the songs that you and your partner love. This would be a very romantic and sweet gesture to symbolise your love.

You could cut costs by asking a friend or hiring a non-professional photographer. Make sure you check the photographer’s portfolio before you hire them.

Limit Your Expenses

This could be probably the most important step to follow when you are planning a small wedding. Estimate your budget and then work on wedding ideas. Don’t spend a lot on trivial things. Look for cheap alternatives instead. Make a note of all the money you’ve spent on your wedding to keep your expenditure in check.

While you are cutting down on the cost of your wedding, remember that it is still a very special day. Don’t go completely frugal – just look for cheaper alternatives.


About the author: Catherine, life style blogger from London, loves to express her journey and travel related information, such as ESTA. She writes articles for blogs and websites during her free time. Did you like this post? Contact Catherine at