Cake Toppers and Cake “Jewelry”: Wow!

July 7th, 2013

We know how it is. You have big dreams – on a less than royal budget. (Been there.) Yet your wedding deserves the very best you can give it; it is a testament to your and your groom’s love for one another.

Dilemma? Not with these gorgeous cake toppers and cake jewelry! We’ve selected only the highest-quality, most “oooh”-worthy pieces for our catalog (and for you). These pretty pieces start at  just $39.98 (yes, really), and all of the choices show below are less than $120. Enjoy, princess!

picPetiteMedalionsCakeTopperSparkling Petite Medallions: Make Your Whole Cake Sparkle

Gorgeous clusters of 1” diameter Swarovski crystal make your cake special. There’s just something about Swarovski that really catches the light, setting off beautiful glimmers to highlight your pretty cake.

Arrange the crystals at intervals as shown, or have your baker place them randomly on the surface of the cake. You can also have them glued to faux flowers. $79 for a set of 12 medallions. (Also see our larger size medallions here.)

Contemporary Love Birds: Modern Love! picContemporaryLoveBirdsTopper

Like all things contemporary? Then you’ll love the gorgeous lines of these two nesting birds. One bird gently snuggles his partner’s neck in a show of true and forever-love. This topper is 5.5” long, the perfect size to grace the top tier of your cake.

Take them home after the wedding and use them as a table topper to remind you of your special day. Their meticulous quality means you’ll enjoy them for years to come. A steal at only $39.98.

picMonogramsSparkleCakeTopMonograms With Swarovski Flowers: Style and Elegance

Your first initial and his grace the top of your cake beautifully with these Swarovski crystal-glazed letters. Check out the detailing in the crystal flowers – simply gorgeous.

They’re set on a glimmering metal background to catch the light in brilliance during your reception. And they’re big enough for real eye-grabbing impact. Available in any letter of the alphabet on a background of either gold or silver; $69.99 for the set.

Starfish Cake Topper: A Dreamy Beach Wedding picStarfishCakeTop

Dreams of romantic walks on the beach come to life with this simple – and simply elegant – starfish cake topper. It’s a pure, traditional “wedding white” and is graced with a cluster of seashells at its base. This topper stands 6” high for great visibility on the top tier of any cake.

Our Starfish is extremely popular for destination weddings, but it’s also perfect for a “closer to home” venue with a beachy theme.

picFairytaleCastleCakeTopFairytale Dreams Castle: A Regal Touch

Okay, all you princesses out there, this one’s for you! (And aren’t we all princesses on our special day?) This glazed porcelain creation sits atop your cake for a fairytales-come-true effect. Match it with other princess and traditional décor at your reception.

We love the detailing in this piece. (Click the enlargement in the link for a closeup.) And at the foyer are printed the words “And they lived happily ever after,” such a sweet addition. 6” high; $59.99.

Check out all our cake jewelry options here. And may all your wedding dreams come true.