Fall 2013′s Coolest Wedding Color Trends: Spice Things Up!

July 4th, 2013

With fall just three months away — and the fall weddings that come with it — we’ve had a lot of requests lately about choosing colors.

I LOVE color in weddings. All white, black-and-white, etc. have their own impact, but adding onto those traditional hues can really transform your wedding.

But which colors? Well, to find out what’s hot for fall 2013, let’s start at the source. If you haven’t seen color guru Pantone’s palette for Fall 2013, have a gander:

Source: Pantone

Pretty, eh? I was glad to see at least one jewel tone in there (acai) and some dreamy summer cross-overs (emerald, mykonos, deep lichen green).

Wow...amazing what a great hue can do. Gown: Vera Wang Bridal Gown 2013 collection.

Overall, Pantone’s 2013 picks for fall seem to lean toward earthy, with a bit of a retro flavor. That makes sense — each of these styles is has been super-hot for approximately the last three years. That doesn’t mean the colors aren’t trendy and fresh; it means brides are continuing to love them. Which is a good thing.

Now, with that said: I’m not calling myself the Queen of Color or anything (though I do tend to have an eye for it), but I would have loved to see a few more intense jewel tones. Subtle and soft is wonderful, but a punch of “clear” color can really make the wedding.

Other than that, I like Pantone’s choices overall. There’s so much you can do with them, and they undeniably say “fall.” Here’s where you can use a splash of color to make your wedding beautiful:

Your Wedding Wear

Instead of the traditional all-white, select ivory or antique for your wedding dress color, then add a colorful sash or bow. A few faux colorful jewels on your headpiece look amazing, too.

The Groom’s Attire

Naturally, the boutonniere is the one place grooms and groomsmen typically show some color. So start there. He might also look into matching his cumberbund or choosing a different but complimentary color to the boutonniere.

Your Bridesmaids

How about turning things around and dressing your bridesmaids white or antique to match your gown, with ribbons of gorgeous color throughout the fabric?  A fascinator for the hair is another cool color option for bridesmaids.

For a beautiful maid of honor gift, choose a real or faux gem necklace in a color that coordinates with your wedding.

Yes, these do taste as beautiful as they look. Brownie pops, mmmm.

Your Wedding Cake

Cakes are seriously dressed up this year. Have the bakery put pretty ganache “leaves” in fall colors around the base; add a few sprinkled on top. Edible candy gems around the base or on the sides is pretty, too.

Another way to add color: ask your bakery to use an all-over ganache in one of the above Pantone colors (or the fall color of your choice). That makes a very dramatic look and will be memorable to your guests.

Or choose a individual desserts in varying fall colors. Cupcakes, brownie pops or tarts covered in red berries are gorgeous and yummy.

Invitations and Wedding Favors

Awesome autumn bouquet boxes in trendy 2013 colors.

If there’s any time of year to go super-splendorous with color, it’s fall! Your wedding invitations will be unique if you choose colors that match your color scheme. One dramatic look that I’ve seen (and love) is a deep jewel-colored background.

Favors are another great way to add pizzazz. Either have the favors themselves match your wedding colors, or wrap them up in a colorful organza bow or in a box.

I can’t wait to see what our brides come up with for their autumn 2013 choices. Have fun with your selections, lovelies!