Breakfast at Tiffany’s Bridal Shower

May 31st, 2013

The movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the epitome of what we talk about when we say “Hollywood magic.” Heroine Holly Golightly has no easy life, but she manages to bring a little glamour into what she does have. In fact, she brings it into practically everything she does (be warned, the movie does have a darker side — but if you haven’t seen it, rent it; it is one amazing film).

When we added the Breakfast at Tiffany (Chic Girl) collection to our store, it was just this magic and glamour we had in mind. If you’re like Holly, someone on a limited budget (aren’t we all?) but with big dreams, this bridal shower collection is for you!

Here are a few fabulous picks from the collection. Please note that most of the Chic Girl collection is available featuring an African-American chic girl as well. Enjoy, dahlings!

Classic and Classy Shower Invitation, With a Kick

Full-on glam! The very Holly-esque bride-to-be sits sipping champagne, draped in pearls and gems. But she’s got that fun-loving look in her eye…just like your bride-to-be! This invitation is a gorgeous color combo of classic black, white and smooth powder blue. This invitation retails at $2.25 per invite, with a minimum order of 10.

Marvelous Mints

Mmmmm…these mint favors come in five varieties: white peppermint, gumballs, mint bananas, sour apple or ducks (for a baby shower). As with the whole Chic Girl line, personalization is free with your purchase.

Zebra Print Luncheon Plates

The Zebra Print collection isn’t part of Chic Girl, but it ties in so perfectly that I just had to show it. I love to mix-and-match and these two collections seem like they were made for each other (just like the bride- and groom-to-be).

This luncheon plate is $4.15 for a package of eight; see the entire zebra print collection here.

Bridal Shower Scratchoff Game

Scratch off games are a great way to get the party in full swing! (The example shown here is our African American Chic Girl scratch off.) Guests who scratch off the circle and find a ring win. (Prizes not included, but we suggest a great tie-in gift to your theme like our pink dress manicure set, classy compact mirror or a little trinket in this sassy zebra print shoe favor box.)

Little Black Dress Advice Cards

Breakfast at Tiffany’s made the “little black dress” famous (and an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe). So here’s another perfect addition to Classy Girl:

Like scratch off and other shower games, advice cards get guests immediately in the mood for your shower. These cards will become a keepsake for the bride-to-be. We’ve seen “advice” run the gamut from tried-and-true to outright hilarious. Tell guests to use their imagination and come up with something great, then collect the cards and put them into a keepsake scrapbook. Give this to the bride and groom on their wedding day.

Stay glamorous, my lovelies!

It’s That Time of Year Again! Tips for a Great Grad Party

May 20th, 2013

Photo credit: Nottingham Trent University

Looking back on how this year has gone thus far (very well, in fact; we’re loving life over here), I was a bit jolted to realize we’re coming up on June.

But yup, it’s here again: June, with its June brides, a lot of June babies this year…and graduation for proud scholars!

If you haven’t started planning your favorite graduate’s party yet, don’t despair. Here are five great tips for putting together a beautiful and memorable grad party.

Graduation Party Tip #1: Black is Always In

Although not all grads wear black, it’s still the traditional color for graduation festivities. It’s also very chic, which your grad will love. After all, you may feel she isn’t all grown up yet…but she does!

Use black for your party invitations, paper products and decor. Touches of gold, silver or another accent color will add personality to your party.

Let everyone know how proud you are. Click for more info.

Graduation Party Tip #2: Invite Old Friends

Graduation is a nostalgic time. If you can, locate a friend or two from the grad’s childhood. This is the most

amazing gift you can give to both of them. We did this for my niece (she had moved away and still spoke occasionally to her kindergarten “best buddy”) and it was absolutely wonderful. They’re still in touch today.

Bringing old friends back together reminded them — and us — that no matter how many things happen in our lives, we will still always be “us,” and we will always have our childhoods to look back on with fondness.

Graduation Party Tip #3: Make it Unique

Fun grad cupcake wrappers.

Our friend had a breakfast bar for her son’s high school graduation. They set up plates of bacon and eggs, croissants, mini muffins, breakfast burritos and carafes of coffee and tea on a table in the back yard. Guests picked what they wanted and had a wonderful breakfast/brunch together.

Not every party has to take place on a specific day of the week or a certain time of day. Think up something unique and fun for your grad’s get-together.

Graduation Party Tip #4: You DON’T Have to Spend a Lot

If you’re tight on resources, consider alternatives like having the party in your back yard or a local park. Invite parents and have the party be a pot luck. You can suggest a food theme for this to make choices easier for guests.

Give inexpensive favors that are personalized. Personalization can often be accomplished very inexpensively (or for free) with favor purchases. Look for specials.

Graduation Party Tip #5: Have Your Graduation Party Earlier v. Later

Here's to her success.

Once graduation time hits, all the grads will be busy. They’ll either be having their own parties, juggling others’ parties, or getting set for the next school year (especially if that’s college)…or all three.

Our suggestion? Have your graduate’s party before graduation. Try for one to two weeks before the big day. That way there will be less decisions on which party to go to and which to decline (which is always a disappointment). And excitement for the coming graduation will be running high, so it’s the perfect time to have a party.

We’d like to take this opportunity to say congratulations to ALL 2013 grads…from preschool commencement to those who are receiving college diplomas. Your hard work has paid off — may the future be bright for you!

A Gorgeous Garden/Tea Party Bridal Shower

May 6th, 2013

Permit me a little walk through memory lane here.

My grandmother loved flowers. She had gardens all around her property, each one tastefully done. There were always cut and carefully arranged flowers in vases throughout her house. And one thing she really loved was a sweet, simple and beautiful garden party.

I get nostalgic seeing all the retro bridal showers today — especially those that involve all things floral. I think the look is so sweet, and it’s so very, well, bride-like.

Flowers have always been (and, in my opinion, will always be) a huge part of most wedding related festivities. After all, flowers are all about beginnings, growth, the innocence of fresh love and the beauty that’s in this world — and between the two of you.

Cute wedding tea favors. Click for info.

Where Should You Hold Your Garden Bridal Shower?

If you have a back yard, or if a friend or family member does, obviously, that’s your first choice. However, don’t feel limited to a large yard — or even to the outdoors. If you live in an area where weather may be a concern, or if you’re in an urban or small space, you can still add floral touches to your bridal shower.

If the weather is expected to be nice, don’t discount outdoor locales like the local park. Just be sure to call your city first to find out whether the park requires notice and reservation of picnic tables, gazebos, etc.

Yum - vine-covered brownie pops! (Mongramed, too!)

Garden/Tea Party Foods

Garden party foods don’t need to be expensive. That’s one of the great things about a garden party. Try:

  • finger sandwiches — any kind the bride and guests like
  • tea, iced for summer or hot for cooler days
  • cut fresh fruit arranged prettily on a tray with a few cut flowers for decoration on the plate
  • cookies, mini brownies, mini cupcakes
  • cool salads: potato;  pasta with sun dried tomatoes; three-bean; romaine lettuce with pecans or walnuts, plum tomatoes and a sprinkling of feta or another cheese; or any chilled salad that’s your favorite
  • sorbet – mmm!
  • fresh fruit punch

Your Table Setting, Decor and Shower Favors

Sweet, floral tea party dessert plates.

Use cut or silk flowers in a vase for your table centerpiece. A subtly floral-decorated tablecloth is also nice, but any pastel or soft color tablecloth will do for a garden party.

If you’re using a tent, gazebo or other covering, lace it with faux flowers and ribbons.

For favors, why not give small potted plants or a pretty packet of seeds? Another option: cute floral-shaped soaps and other toiletries.

Candles are always a favor “favor-ite:” you can even go to your local dollar store, pick up empty candle holders in frosted glass and hot glue small faux flowers to them. Make sure these don’t go near or over the lip of the candle holder because if you do, they’ll be too close to the candle flame.

What Types of Flowers?

Any kind you’d like! And don’t limit the decor and gifts to just flowers. Ferns, natural twig arrangements gathered in pretty bows and set around the table arrangement, and fruit are all pretty additions.

Lilies are traditional to weddings, as are baby’s breath. You may want to include some of each of these to add a very bridal feel to your garden wedding shower.

Have pics of your own garden bridal shower? Send them in! We may just feature you in a future post on