Bridal Showers, Revisited: Is Sophistication Back?

April 29th, 2013

Okay, my fine brides- and grooms-to-be. Are you ready for the latest in bridal showers?

We think this party napkin has (wait for it) a nice ring to it. N'est-c'e pas? Click for info.

Sophistication’s back!

Doin’ my little happy dance over here.

Look, it’s not that I don’t love the fun we’ve been having with playful themes. I do (and we’ve been having fun for sure — Hello Kitty retro, anyone?). And the earthy retro-chic movement in bridal is wonderful too. In fact, one of the best things about being a bride today is that we have so many choices that we can really let our inner selves shine.

But I admit to a longtime (read: from childhood — very very early childhood) love of all-things-sophisticate.

I don’t think I’m alone. I believe we all have that inner diva who secretly longs to make jaws drop when we walk down the aisle. Now, according to the top wedding sites, we’re being given carte blanche to pull out all the sophisticated stops. (Not that they could have stopped us secret divas anyway! NOBODY can stop a true diva at heart.)

Wow! Damask makes a huge impact. Shown: recipe box party invitation set.

So, ladies…let’s make that bridal shower one to remember.

Invitation Basics

As always, your invitation sets the tone for the party. Printed or actual

(glued) pearls are nice, and a glamorous font will add to the theme. Don’t worry too much about wording here — you can still be casual about that as it’s a party invitation. The imagery will speak for itself.

Stay understated with coloring, for example a creamy ivory background, or a smooth pastel (pink, green or grey work wonderfully here).

Delicious Decor

Lean toward pretty flowers, filigree — understated but elegant. Banners and the like aren’t necessary for this type of shower. You’ll announce the festivities with lovely plates (disposable is fine — just make sure the print is pretty), a garden party type table setup and perhaps big satin bows on guests’ chairs (so lovely).

...and the guests lived happily every after. Fairytale shoe candle.

Favors With Savoir Faire

Thank your guests in style with this theme. But don’t go crazy on costs — it’s the uniqueness of a sophisticated favor that’s the idea here.

You don’t have to lose all the magic when you go sophisticated; in fact, charm is key. We love the pretty Cinderella slipper candle shown at left.

Other ideas: mini luminaries; ceramic miniature tea caddies; $5 gift certificates to your favorite local spa; bubble bath in cute plastic “champagne” bottles.

Does Your Shower Have to Be Pricey?

Bottom line: sophistication means understatement coupled with your own personal flair. It doesn’t mean spending a lot. Have you seen My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding? Not that we’re not enchanted by that show (we are) but it’s a case in point. Those girls are spending a lot of cash. But understated and sophisticated? Not so much.

Careful selection of your shower items means you can have what you want without breaking the bank. Using delicious colors goes a long way toward delivering a sophisticated attitude to your shower. So do tiny touches like faux pearls, which normally aren’t too pricey at all. Pattern is another factor and won’t usually affect price.

Have a blast, ma cherie!