Making a planning guide for your wedding

January 8th, 2013

If you just recently got engaged, a big congratulations.   Now that the excitement of your engagement has settled down a bit,  is the time to sit down and make a To Do list of what you need to get done before your big day.

Start with your 6 months list.

Of course you need to lock in your date, and start the hunt for your dream location.  Once you have selected the date, you should plan on sending out Save The Date cards or magnets, so your guests can  arrange their vacations and not miss the most important event.  They may even decide to skip that vacation if their budget won’t allow for both and they have to travel to your wedding.  We prefer  Save The Date magnets since they can be put on the fridge or file cabinet as a constant reminder. There are lots of beautiful designs to choose from and they are reasonably priced.

Next, you need to shop for your dress.  Unless you’re planning on buying one off the rack, it takes months for your dress to be made and fitted properly, so getting a head start is always a good idea. You may think you know exactly which dress you want, but until you try it on, and see if it suits your body type, what you had in mind may not be the best look for you after all.  This dress is gorgeous, don’t you think?    Don’t forget to take into consideration whether you are doing a formal or informal reception, inside or outside.

Tara Keely Wedding Dress

When it comes to the photographer and the band or DJ, you have an excellent shot at hiring your top choices if you plan ahead.  If they’re booked, ask around for referrals from recently married couples.

Check back for your 3 month list.