Fall Weddings

September 4th, 2012

Photo Credit: weddingdresspicture.net

I love fall. The smell of the leaves, the beautiful colors and the crisp temperatures. If I had to do it all again, I would love to have a fall wedding. There are so many natural resources and so many cute fall favors!

Here are some tips to make your fall wedding beautiful!

  • Check out schedules. Local area festivals are plentiful during the fall season. Craft shows, apple festivals, and of course football events are things to watch out for. Many brides choose Fridays or Sundays to cut down on costs or make sure their chosen venue has an opening. Sunday afternoons may be taken up with sports. Trust me, you don’t want men glued to their phones throughout your big day. (We had no way to know, but the Stanley Cup finals were the day we got married. We had one guest bring in a small radio and headphones – no, I’m not kidding)
  • Venues. There are many outdoor venues that have trees that will be laden with fall leaves. That can be a money savor in terms of decorations for the ceremony. Keep in mind that fall weather is also unpredictable. Ask the venue if they have a back up indoor setting and how much notice they need to make that transition. It will leave you prepared for any unexpected changes and you will be less stressed out the day of your wedding.
  • Speak to your florist about using in season flowers. Also using colors that are abundant in autumn make your photographs pop and will make decorations easy to coordinate.
  • Food. Make use of the bounty available to you. Also, this time of year is a great time to have a candy bar open during the reception. Think of all the candy available at this time of year! And buying in bulk can make it that much easier on your budget. Who doesn’t love sweet treats? Our Sweet Shoppe Theme Candy Buffet Boxes are perfect and you can match the colors to your decor!
  • Decor. I think that fall is one of those times where you can use nature in your decor and have a stunning effect! Pumpkins, gourds, pine cones and leaves are easy to get and are biodegradable! Going green is a big trend and this time of year lends itself to that trend.

I hope if you’re planning a fall wedding for this year or for next that we’ve given some great tips! Check out our selection of fall favors and let us know your favorite fall wedding finds!

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