Fantastic savings! Stock up on our Cruise Shower Caddy!

July 28th, 2012

Our Cruise Shower Caddy is on sale! 40 percent off till 8/15. This is such a great bargain that we couldn’t wait to share it with you! I love versatility in gift giving, and this cruise shower caddy is useful for so many occasions!At this price you can stock up and keep them on hand for different occasions.

You could:

  • Build a honeymoon gift basket for a bridal shower.  (check out our other Cruise Accessories to help you build the perfect basket!)
  • Give it as a wedding gift so that the couple can use it on their honeymoon.
  • Leave this for your out of town guests to pick up at check in at their hotel.
  • It would make a great gift for the graduate as they head off to college. If you’ve seen the dorms at most schools you’ll know that space is at a premium.
  • Anniversary gift, I know lots of couples who celebrate milestone anniversaries with a cruise.
  • Have a child going to camp? Send this along! So easy to pack with all the essentials, fits easily into a backpack or bag.
  • Great gift for the mom to be too. Think of all the pockets you could fill with baby items. Easily packed in to a diaper bag for a trip or a day out.
  • Keep one for your own camping trips! Packs easily and you can take it with you to the bath house or keep in your RV for convenience.

So many uses and such an affordable price! Grab a few while they are on sale. Sale ends 8/15 so get them while they’re hot!

New discount at Favors By Serendipity

July 20th, 2012

Everyone loves a bargain, and now is your chance to take advantage of  the latest news from Favors By Serendipity!   A  20% discount is being offered on all  orders over $75.00 (offer ends 7/31).  Use Code D20.

If you are spending more, free shipping applies to orders over $139.00 (within the U.S.) use code FREESHIP.

Happy shopping!!

Welcoming your out of town guests

July 17th, 2012

With destination weddings being on the rise, and families spread out all over the country, it’s important to make arrangements for family and friends who are coming into town for your wedding.

A save the date is helpful so it can give your guests a heads up and mark their calendar long before the invitation arrives.  Creating a wedding website with all your pertinent information is helpful as well.  Calling your local hotel and blocking rooms for your guests, usually at a discounted price, will alleviate the stress of them having to figure out where to stay that is close enough and enjoyable.

Creating a welcome bag for your guests,  that have traveled to be with you on your special day, is a fun, considerate thing to do.  Some ideas of what to include in the welcome bag are:

1)  A welcome/thank you message or note

2) Your weekend itinerary

3) Bottled water or a bottle of wine

4) A local entertainment guide and map of the area

5) Phone numbers of the hosts and bridal party

6) Flip-flops, rain poncho, parasol, depending on the locale

7) Local snacks (saltwater taffy in New Jersey, pralines in New Orleans, See’s candies in Los Angeles (yum!). mini fans in Miami….you get the idea!

I’m sure you have some ideas of your own and I’d love to hear them.  What did you put in your Welcome Bag?

Spotlight On: Parade Photography

July 3rd, 2012

Well hello there, my lovelies!

Today we’d like to welcome guest blog writer Melissa from Parade Photography in Australia. She had the following to share with us. Thanks for the awesome tips, Melissa!


Perfect Wedding Photos Are the Task of a Professional Wedding Photographer

In this article, I will tell you how to successfully choose a wedding photographer, what important key points to

It's got that cute and sentimental factor -- but we recommend you call a pro for most of your shots.

consider for getting the perfect wedding photos. What to look for and what is a priority when choosing a wedding photographer.

For newlyweds the wedding is always the most important and special event. This is one of the most long-awaited moments in the life of every human being. That is why it is important to preserve these precious memories.

Modern photographic techniques will help capture the best moments of the wedding. The most important component of unique photographs is the presence of a professional photographer at the wedding; exactly only a professional wedding photographer has the experience to capture the beauty of the moment.

Therefore, the choice for a wedding photographer should be approached with great care and responsibility. It is best to conduct painstaking research of the market of photographic services.

So, what key points should be taken into account to get the perfect wedding photos?

First of all, experience.

If you want wedding pictures, you should use the services of a wedding photographer. For this you need a photographer, who in this business has been operating for a long time. Best of all, would be if he specializes in wedding photography and wedding video.

The master should have a portfolio, based on which you can draw a conclusion on the work of the photographer. His best work of photographers can post on your own site or on various Internet resources.

Therefore, in your best interest is to ask about this to the photographer and then go online to check your choice if you did it right. Like any art, photography is easy to learn, but master the skill not everyone can shoot.

So opt for a photographer with extensive experience would be more correct.

Second, professional skills.

Make sure that the photographer owns the technology editing. Why is this important? You have to take into account that not every picture taken at your wedding will be perfect. This is where the photographer is the ability to be useful to apply the elements of editing. Especially require editing images made on the background of artificial lighting.

In the old days the only way to store wedding photos was a classic album. Until now, the printed version of wedding photos in high quality remains the preferred option. A great alternative to printed images is now deposited with photographs in electronic form. The popularity of web albums that provide a unique and wide range of options for processing photos is now beyond doubt. In addition, you can be sure that you have a backup copy of wedding photos, in case something happens to your printed photos.

Third, the cost.

High-quality service wedding photographer cannot be cheap. If you want to choose the best quote, then compare the prices of different photographers photographic services. And only after that, choose the most convenient option.

Wedding Photography – a unique reminder of a happy wedding day. And so after many years of admiring them, tenderly captured moments of happiness to show their children and beloved grandchildren, it is important to take care of a competent wedding photographer. And remember that the photo quality is a key component of the right choice, even if the price is somewhat high.