Dreaming in Damask

May 7th, 2012

Psst. Can we talk? And yes, it is about something personal.

Your wedding decor.

Oh come on. You and I both know that you’ve spent more time so far on choosing colors and your reception theme than you did picking a college major. So why neglect one of the most underutilized aspects of wedding decor: the pattern?

Lately, we’re in love with damask. And yes, I’m about to promote my own products. But I wouldn’t be doing so if I weren’t absolutely, completely, positively, squish-ily in love with them.

And I am. Damask is an amazing pattern choice for invitations and decor — it even looks incredibly cool as wedding gown detailing. It adds dramatic flair, another thing I go weak in the knees for.

Let’s celebrate damask! Here are my favorite Favors by Serendipity darling damask offerings:

1. Elegant Silk Fan (above, left). File this one under “things that make ya go oooo.” I so want to wander downtown with this fluttering in front of my face. (You know you’d be jealous.) I also love it as a wedding favor, its real intent. Shown above, the fan decorates a place setting. The fan is 8.25″ long and comes packaged in a white box. Savings on bulk orders.

2. Vellum Shades (below). Total elegance for the reception. You supply the glasses and candles in any color and style you want for a very personalized look. Sold in sets of 24, savings on multiple purchases.

3. Turquoise damask cube favor box (below). Super-cool this season is damask — in color. I LOVE this turquoise box. Match it with a chocolate bow and you’re in damask heaven. Shipped flat to protect the box; requires folding. The inside of the box is white.

4. Damask cupcake wrappers (below). Cupcakes are so hot. These absolutely gorgeous wrappers match your wedding colors as well as your taste for the elegant and special.

Oh my. In damask heaven over here. By the way, be careful! From what I understand, it just isn’t cool to love the decor and favors more than the groom. (Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me!) For a list of FBS damask items, clickie on over here.