Party Hearty! Games for Grown-Ups

April 23rd, 2012

Need help? This fun book has the basics.

We’re noticing a trend, and we like it: games are cool again when it comes to bridal or baby showers.

Today’s shower games offer many more options, too — including scratch offs, advice cards and updated versions of retro pass times.

It only makes sense to include games at a shower. Games are a great way to break the ice. It’s likely that not all the guests know each other. You’re inviting same-age friends, work friends, extended family…people the guest of honor gets together with,¬† just not necessarily at the same time. Games are a real ice-breaker – especially if they’re really fun, like the following.

Have fun checking out these game options for your shower. We promise your guests will love you for making things fun for everyone.

1. Scratch-Offs.

Choose this scratch-off for a Breakfast at Tiffany's or "little black dress" theme.

These are sooooooooooo cool. Each is a game and a party favor in one. Have a small gift for the winner — a basket of goodies is the perfect idea for either a baby or bridal shower.

2. Diva Mommy Celeb Trivia Game.

Diva Mommy celebrity trivia is awesome. The box comes with 50 baby-related questions and amusing answers. Also check out Stroller Derby.

Another option is to make your own trivia cards. This way, you can get very personal and targeted toward the guest of honor. For a bridal shower, ask what date the bride and groom to be met, then give three possible answers; players must pick the right date. Also gather basic data, like the average cost of a U.S. wedding ($28K+ — yep, for real). See who’s “in the know.”

So cute!

3. Advice Cards.

My mom had these at her shower, and I’ll bet her mother did, too. Sometimes gifts are a tradition for a reason. I mean does advice really ever go out of style? Mail these personalizables to guests and have them fill out and bring their cards to the party. As the hostess, you gather the cards as guests walk in, then give them all together to the guest of honor.

4. Baby Clothesline Keepsake.

Here’s a cute idea. Hang a ribbon clothesline and use baby item-shaped cards. As guests enter the party, each fills out a message to the baby, or gives one piece of advice and hangs it on the clothesline with a pink or blue¬† clothespin. After the shower, the cards will become a keepsake for the couple and their new bundle of joy.

5. Start Your Own Tradition.

These books and mementos are awesome for the bride-to-be’s guests. Start a tradition and have each newlywed pass the book on to the appointed bridal shower arranger for the next of your friends who’s getting hitched.

Enjoy, my lovelies.