Should You Have a Buffet or a Sit-Down Dinner?

March 30th, 2012

Buffets are cheap; sit-downs will break the bank. A sit-down is for formal weddings only; buffets create less waste. Really? What’s true and what isn’t when it comes to choosing your wedding reception food style? Here are the benefits of each so you can make the choice that’s right for your wedding.

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The Sit-Down Meal

  • A sit-down meal means it’s easier to determine exactly what quantity of food you’ll need.
  • Controlled portions can actually make a sit-down service cheaper than a buffet; guests tend to take larger portions when self-serving, and a buffet table is meant to be kept looking filled-up.
  • Some people just prefer a sit-down dinner. A sit-down has an elegant feel and is very “traditional wedding.”
  • There’s no long line to wait on and no self-serving mess factor for guests, who are wearing dangling sleeves, jewelry and ties.
  • Dietary restrictions tend to be easier to control with a sit-down meal, as cross contamination is probably less of a factor, at least from other guests.

The Buffet

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  • A buffet gets guests to mingle. There’s always something to comment on in the food line. A buffet could make your guests open up a bit and have more fun at your wedding.
  • There’s no chance of a miscount on the food orders. Running out of penne with broccoli rabe at a sit-down when you have three more guests who specified “vegetarian” is a bummer. At a buffet, there’s always more of everything.
  • Buffets tend to be less work to organize than sit-down dinners.
  • Guests have lots of variety to choose from, and they wind up with exactly what they want.
  • Buffets are better for weddings up to 75 people; larger weddings mean guests will be standing for a very long time for their turn. If you’re having a medium-size wedding, a buffet is the perfect option for you.

We’re So Sweet

March 23rd, 2012

No, seriously. We are! Today’s eye candy really is candy. Yum! Check out the awesome edible favors below from

I’ll bet you have a sweet tooth too. Got a sweet idea for a wedding shower or baby shower? Let us know and we may choose you for one of our upcoming features. Until next week, my lovelies…bon appetit…

These cute miniature candy jars are perfect for a vintage wedding or shower. They’re reminiscent of the grab-a-handful jars that widened the eyes in kids of days gone by. Fill with whatever sweets strike your fancy. We recommend candies in the color of your shower or wedding theme. The personalization on the lids is a nice touch. 2.75″ X 1.75″.

My kids used to beg for these brownie pops, but this version is all grown up — and prettied up for spring. Green Garden brownie pops come wrapped in cello bags with an organza bow; lovely! Please note that these pretty party pops need 5-7 business days notice in advance of shipping (a $10 rush fee can be applied if you’re in a hurry).

Who can ever say no to a lolly? Something Sweet lollipops make a pretty presentation with a touch of the whimsical (just our style). Cello wrapped and tied with a bow, these treats are strawberry flavored. Purchase by lots of 24. Oh, and they’re personalizable, too. Check out our different designs.

We predict…that your guests are going to love these rainbow colored fortune cookie treats! Each includes a message for a lucky guest. Decorated in flowers, bells or hearts. Grab ‘em.

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

March 15th, 2012

Yesterday, while pulling the last hearty winter veggies from our garden, I realized that spring really is coming. Yep, here in Southern California, we do in fact experience a spring — the weather change is subtle, but it’s there, in abundant floral color. (Our roses are blooming riotously, too. Pretty!)

Springtime is all about flowers, and anything that grows when it receives some nice, warm sunshine and a good solid watering. Weddings, too, are beautiful, fresh, new and celebrate life.

Perhaps that’s why flowers have always been such a big part of weddings. Besides the obvious fact that they add color and often smell quite pretty, flowers are about taking what’s best in the world, and watching it bloom to its very best.

So as “official” spring approaches, let’s take a look at some gorgeous floral options for 2012:

Top left: Jim Hjelm organza floral ball gown; center: pink tulle flower girl’s tutu, Diana Elizabeth with Angela Saban Design; top right: hair flower, photo courtesy of; bottom right: floral design wedding ring,; lower left: floral favor boxes with choice of filler/trinket,

Have a floral wedding choice you’d like to share? Send us an image (at least 300X300) and a brief description of how you used the item, as well as the brand name or website.

Why Won’t He Get Involved?

March 9th, 2012

Hello and happy Friday, my lovelies!

Today I’d like to bring up a little subject that aaaaaaaaaaaall my brides seem to agree upon. (If you’re the one exception, speak out! We really want to believe differently!)

That subject is: the groom’s involvement in the wedding planning.

Or, well, his lack thereof (generally). Our guys are Renaissance men. They’re proud of our careers and flaunt the fact that we’re so ambitious. They do laundry (sometimes). They might even shed a tear or two during a chick flick if we’ve really got a keeper.

So why then do so many grooms flinch in fear from the idea of “helping” to plan a wedding that’s for both of you? And is there anything that will induce your equal partner-to-be to get into reception patterns and flower arrangements?

Maybe. Or maybe not. Since it’s worth a try, here are our top reasons grooms so often seem to be uninvolved in the wedding planning process, and tips for how to encourage — or how to deal.

1. He wasn’t trained to be “into” it. Like it or not, and yes, I say this as an accomplished individual with a career, men just aren’t raised on all things wedding the way we are. Even Barbie and Ken had wedding attire, including trunks to hold the goods in. Dreaming of her future wedding is a common thing for many little girls.

But it’s probable your groom didn’t have the same experience. He can’t figure out what all the fuss is about. And like much of society, he may be thinking it’s all for you, the bride.

Let him know that it’s his wedding too — and let him know in an encouraging, not demanding, way. Invite him on one, just one, wedding planning jaunt, and make it a short one; for example, confirming the wedding menu.

You might be surprised, and so might he, at how he realizes he does have opinions on individual game hens (his wallet certainly does) and on the many many wonders of buttercream (mmmmmmmmmm). If not, that’s okay. You both reached across the aisle, no pun intended.

2. He may be thinking you’re thinking his ideas are stupid. Be honest: when he suggested light blue for his tux, you laughed just a little. Yes you did, come on. (Okay, so maybe this is a little autobiographical. I laughed.)

If he’s hesitant to begin with in making the wedding and reception plans, and his one or two ideas are met with that look, he won’t want to bring the subject up again. When he suggests something, wait. Think about it. It might be a good idea. In fact, it might just be a great idea. Or it might be an idea that stinks — but it’s all his and it will make the day more meaningful for him.

He’s his own person. His opinions are valid. Honor them and you’ll see a more enthusiastic response the next time you ask for help or ideas.

3. He may be worrying that too much involvement on his part will seem, err, a little less than uber-masculine. Yup, we all know this one was coming. Guys do in fact rib other guys if they get too “into” the wedding planning process. It may all be in good fun but deep down, your boy is embarrassed.

Don’t henpeck him, don’t demand, don’t plead, don’t cry, don’t lay down the guilt and don’t — DON’T — do not (hope we were clear about that) push him into wedding answers in front of his friends. Ask once, in private, for his opinion on an aspect of your wedding and then don’t ask again about that aspect. Be very very casual about this. Toss out the occasional question as part of your normal conversation.

If he gets comfortable with not being pressured and with his input being low-key, he may open up more and be of more help.

4. It may just not be his “thing.” Not every groom is interested in the details of planning something like a wedding. Not even every bride is. By far. We’ve known a lot of brides over the years and we’ve seen a lot of stress on the part of brides who thought they “should” be all gaga over daisies, vases and little tiny rocks.

Your groom may be the same way. Don’t automatically go the psych route and feel he’s afraid, embarrassed or uncertain. He may just be bored. Period.

If he is, don’t force him. Do, however, enlist in help, and lots of it, from friends and family. You should never have to do all the wedding planning on your own. Let your groom do his own thing, but don’t do it all and silently simmer. Trust me, there are plenty of people around you who are absolutely dying to help — let them.

Remember that the most important thing is your lifetime together, not the wedding day. (Hard to believe, I know. ;) But true.) Try not to stress so much on who does what when it comes to wedding planning, and don’t feel abandoned if your guy is less than enthusiastic. Each of you is getting something special — one another. And that’s what really counts.

Cute Baby Shower Theme: Zoo Animals

March 2nd, 2012

We recently received props from a recipient company of our zoo animals brownie pops, and we thought we’d share this very popular baby shower theme with you.

These are the brownie pops we referred to. So cute!

I’ve always adored animal themes for baby showers. Baby animals = total cuteness. It’s one of my top picks for celebrating a new baby.

It’s one of our customers’ favorite choices, too. Baby zoo animal favor and accessory sales are off the charts this month (Thank you!).

Let’s look at a few of our most popular best-sellers. Guaranteed you’ll get ideas. If so — share them! We always love to hear from you.

Baby Wild Animals Diaper Cake:  the idea of a diaper cake is pure genius — it’s something new parents need, and it’s adorable. This wild animals diaper cake fits perfectly with a zoo animals baby shower. Choose one of seven cool animals. The cake contains seven Pampers disposable diapers in size 1 (also genius, since not every newborn fits into size 0 diapers).  They come in 3 different sizes, Mini, Classic and Two-Tiered.

Baby shower picks: these picks are handy for serving foods during the baby shower. They come in packs of 12 and feature four cute zoo animals: giraffes, elephants, zebras and lions. They retail at $2.25 and range in size up to 3″. Bonus: they’re reusable.

Animal Crackers bib gift set: there’s really no such thing as too many bibs (I’m sure all the parents out there are agreeing with me!). This gift set comes with four bibs in “animal crackers” styles. Attach a box of real animal crackers for a cute touch. Four bibs, $24.99.

There are more, so check them out. Also have a peek at our full selection of animal theme favors and gifts, including jungle animals, barnyard animals and Noah’s Ark. Thanks for having a look, and enjoy, my lovelies!