Candy of Both the Edible and Eye Varieties

February 6th, 2012

Well, my lovelies, last week we mentioned Martha Stewart and her curiosity for all things orange.

Turns out we’re going to be featured in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine’s summer issue. Yay! This follows on the heels of color expert company Pantone announcing “Tangerine Tango” as Wedding Color of the Year for 2012. Yum, we love it.

Martha asked to sample some of our orange sunflower seeds and we were happy to oblige.

And there are the little cuties in question. These are so popular. I mean sunflowers + sweetness + the cool factor = one very unique wedding favor option. So we’re proud as we can be that other people are loving them, too. Look for the magazine’s summer edition around the end of May.

All rightie then. On to the eye candy (as promised):

Lately, I’ve been very into vintage for wedding and general home decor themes. Granted vintage is a huge category. Some people like to take a specific era, or take time-out-of-time pictures and make collages (i.e. sepia for modern pics). A few mix and match. That’s yours truly. I love just a ridiculous variety of different eras and styles.

Clockwise from top left: smoked crystal and topaz wedding jewelry set from; “Meliana Crystalia” hair fascinator, yjdesign,; 1930s-inspired gown from; vintage style post card by; gentleman’s vest and necktie,

Yes, love. Really love. I don’t know what it is about all things old-fashioned and adorable that grabs me. But I’m not the only one vintage has won over. Vintage wedding themes are huge for 2012, just like they were in 2011. This season, what’s old is still what’s new.

Like what you see? We’ll keep scouring wedding marketers for great finds and of course, will immediately pass them on to you (we like to play nice and share). So until next time, my lovelies.

In the meantime, want just a little more? Come on, you know you do. Oh all right…here you go. At left: an incredible DIY project from; at right, “Just Married” banner from Etsy artist TwineDecor. Enjoy!