Three Fun Alternatives to Wedding Cake

November 28th, 2011

I must be the only person in the world who absolutely loves wedding cake. Loves loves loves. And I’m not talking the $1200 made-by-Franc-the-snoot one. I’m talking any wedding cake.

As if anyone could turn down a pastries buffet...dream on! (And meanwhile...mangia!) Click for info.

You know what? Let’s change that to: any cake at all.

On the other hand, I have no false illusions that other people feel the way I do about this traditional treat. The biggest complaints I hear from guests and from the wedding couple are that the cake was dry, or bland, or too crumbly…or too…something.

No doubt about it: people are particular about their wedding cake. So to you, the choosy and discriminating (and the majority!), I offer these three fun alternatives to wedding cake. Bon appetit!

1. Wrapped or boxed candies. These are traditional wedding favors; you take the idea and kick it up a notch by serving yummy dark chocolate bark, white chocolate, wedding theme lolipops, candy coated sunflower seeds (mmm) or another delicious, gourmet choice.

2. A pastries or cookie buffet. Three words: Oh. My. Goodness. I was at a wedding recently that had a cookie buffet (it was the inspiration for this post, actually) and the choices were awesome to look at…and sooooooooo good! Who doesn’t love cookies? As the heading to this suggestion implies, expand the idea to a pastries buffet if you want more options and serve scones, delightful cinnamon rolls, chocolate straws, brownies, etc.

3. Cupcakes. We covered cupcakes in an earlier post but they definitely deserve another mention…this trend is HOT and holding its own as we come into 2012. Excellent choice; a guests’ favorite.

Enjoy, my lovelies! By the way, it’s almost winter (can you believe it?) so watch this space for upcoming advice and ideas for your winter wedding.

Adorable Ring Bearer Gift: Train Bank

November 17th, 2011

Is it something in the water? We’ve had so many questions lately about kids and weddings. We did address this at one point on the blog, so if you’d like to see our opinions on the basics, go ahead and have a read.

If you’re having children as part of your wedding party, remember: they get all the perks the rest of the wedding party does (except the champagne). They’re taking part in one of the most special days of your life and helping to make it awesome. So remember to say “thank you” with a gift for the littlest parts of the party.

Ooo...sophisticated yet very user-friendly awesomeness. Click for info on how to buy.

Obviously, kids aren’t exactly going to jump for joy if you present them with presents similar to those you’re giving the rest of your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Don’t worry — you still have plenty of options.

Toys are an obvious choice; how about that cool video game your nephew has been wanting? Another idea is something that has grown-up elements but is appropriate for the child’s age (since he or she is doing a very grown-up duty for you): for instance, a girl’s day at the spa for your little sister, complete with a hot pink pedicure and lots of giggling.

Or…how about a silver piggy bank? For the ring bearer, we absolutely love the bank shown at right. It has a grownup feel and a young person’s functionality — the best of both worlds for a ring bearer gift. You can have it personalized, too.

We’ll update you with other children’s gifts as they catch our attention. We’re expecting new bridesmaid, maid of honor, best man and groomsmen’s gifts to pop up for 2012.

Got questions? Contact us! We love to hear from you.

Where’d You Get Those Shoes?

November 13th, 2011

Gorgeous wedding shoe choices like these inspire us. Photo: ©2011 Jenyfra Nelson

So you went to a wedding this weekend and jeepers creepers but the bride’s wedding day shoes were HAWT. Yes. In all capital letters.

You caught a peek of them as the bride was walking down the aisle. In fact, unless you’re imagining things, she even did a little kick just to show them off. (Oh, come on, that was so completely not an accidental stumble.)

You loved, loved, loved the bride’s shoes. And now you’re lusting unbecomingly after them — or at least a pair that will be equally unique, fun, fantastic…and you. Where are the best places to look for wedding shoes? Here’s where we’ve had success with absolutely fabulous wedding shoe finds your future guests will drool over:

Independent online craftspeople/companies. Indie sites like Etsy and Artfire may give you just what you’re looking for: shoes made just for you, at a reasonable price and with that personal touch. (Check it out, mama got bling on her slings.) This option may be for you if you have a fairly standard shoe size and width and can generally order shoes without trying them on.

Watch out, though: not all indie craftspeople wear sewn-in dreds, thong sandles and work just for the love of it. Some of the artists at Etsy are expensive.  And others may be just plain unreliable. When shopping Etsy for your wedding shoes, look for three things: 1. a longstanding membership at the site; 2. great reviews and 3. a “deliver by” date guarantee.

Ebay. Online auction markets can, even with their amazing overcommercialization, still yield some great finds for a fraction of the store price. Compare Buy it Now offers to sales prices of local distributors, though; there may be no difference at all (and in many cases, with Ebay you’re also paying for the shipping). Take your time, start well ahead of your wedding date and be patient for that great find.

You do have to do your homework when it comes to Ebay, and entering an auction could still be your best bet for finding a brand-new uber cheap pair (just be prepared with a backup in case you don’t win the one you have your eye on).

Even better? A used pair that still looks good as new, from a private seller. Do get it in writing that the shoes are in “like new” or “excellent” condition before buying.

Consignment or thrift shops. Yes, we are serious, thank you very much. Make friends with your local consignment buyer/seller, slip her your phone number and ask her to text you if and when a great pair of shoes comes in.

As with the private Ebay seller option above, many newlyweds are simply looking to unload a pair of shoes they’ll never wear again, while making a few needed dollars. Don’t overlook this awesome resource. You never know.

Local department stores. White shoes in all shapes and styles can be had, usually in the spring and summer, at department stores, and because they’re not marketed as “wedding” shoes, not only can you find unique looks, you may get a better price. Summer strappy, tall white or off-white sandals or kickin’ retro Victorian white boots are possibilities for under-the-gown if you check out your local department stores.

Happy shoe shopping, my lovelies!

Your Gown: Did You Tell All or Keep Things Under Wraps?

November 3rd, 2011

Did you keep things mum until your Big Day?

For more than half a year now (can you believe it?), the tabloids — and even, yes, for-real newspapers, like the various Times — have been abuzz about Kate Middleton’s oh so royal dress and the splash she made walking down the aisle to her prince this past spring.

What is it about that gown that had everyone enchanted? It’s hard to say, though we feel it’s the departure from a traditional ballroom gown or pouffed out A-line (though we love these, don’t get us wrong) that had jaws dropping…and apparently, still does.

We're still enchanted: Kate, April 29, 2011. Photo:

The latest? Well, now everyone seems to be asking, “How on earth did Kate keep her wedding dress a secret?”

Good question; you’d think something would have leaked somewhere. But nope, we were all surprised…and pleasantly so. Let’s face it, Kate would look like a princess in a paper sack, but her choice was a cut above even what most viewers of the Royal shindig were expecting, prompting comparisons to the late Princess Grace of Monaco.

What about you? Did you stick with tradition and keep your dress details on the down low? Or were you happy to share digitals of your fittings with anyone and everyone?