Weathering the Storm: Couple Marries in Midst of Irene

August 29th, 2011

This definitely isn’t the only couple that wedded during Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene, which has walloped the east coast during the past several days. But we thought the story was sweet, so we wanted to give it a mention.

Irene has foiled many a plan since she blew on in and started making her way up the coast. But some couples just won’t be deterred. There are so many stories of hope this week about couples wedding in the midst of the storm. We’re impressed — they might all be a bit braver than we are!

In the story we’ve linked, the New Hampshire bride and groom were denied a reception due to the danger of Hurricane Irene. At the last minute, the place where they held the ceremony saved the day: it offered its basement for the post-nuptial festivities.

Save! It appears everyone had a smashing time despite the weather. Best wishes to the happy couple now and in the years to come, and to the rest of our friends on the east coast — stay safe!

And Speaking of Bridesmaid Dresses…

August 25th, 2011

Yesterday we posted about an awesome online service that lets you switch your unwanted bridesmaid gown for a “little black dress.”

Since then I’ve been thinking — sometimes with humor, sometimes with wistfulness of time passing, but always with fondness — about my own past experiences being a bridesmaid. It got me thinking about you, our readers (but then again, you KNOW I’m always thinkin’ of ya!).

Would you like to share your own bridesmaid dress story? Send in any snippet that’s a special memory — for good, ill or somewhere in between — of being a bridesmaid or maid of honor, or of one of your own bridesmaids.

Don’t worry: 100% grammatical consistency isn’t required here. (We promise you won’t be graded on this!) But we would like to pick out one or two tales we absolutely love and publish them at a later date (with your permission). So send in what you’ve got.

Can’t wait to get reading on these. Get writing, peeps. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Unwanted Bridesmaid Dress? Can Help

August 24th, 2011

No, wait! Somebody actually WANTS that! Click pic for more info.

We know this is a touchy subject.

We’ve been there too.

That’s right. We, too,  managed a passably agreeable look when we were presented, all aflutter, with that…that…

Bridesmaid dress. (Cue scream midi.)

We’re reasonably confident that our grimace of shock passed for a smile. (Good for us!) Like you, we went out of our way to make sure the bride was happy…no matter what we were going to look like standing in line next to her.

And you know what? That long-remembered (and not in a good way) bridesmaid dress really was perfect. For a 14-year-old color blind hermit in an eternal time warp back to Early Kurt Cobain.

As bridesmaids or maids of honor, we never want to hurt the bride’s feelings. She has a vision…and she’s allowed. (And admit it, you know you’ll have your own “vision” when it’s your turn at the altar and that it might involve the wedding party imitating a bouquet of flowers surrounding you and the groom. Or pieces of candy. Or something overly-warm and a little too Victorian…not kitschy goth-Victorian, just…Victorian.)

So do keep your thoughts to yourself on your bridesdmaid’s dress if they’re less than complimentary — then when it’s all over, quietly slip (ha ha) off

Why? Because they offer you a trade that can benefit both you and their mission: mail in your unwanted bridesmaid dress according to the site’s instructions, and if it passes quality control checks, you’ll receive credit toward buying a brand new little black dress you really will love.

That’s right. Somebody wants that! And they want you to be happy in something that looks like it was made just for you. (Srsly.)

We’re so impressed that we just had to blog about it. Please note: we personally have not tried the service, so we can’t vouch for the process or the dresses themselves. However, if you’ve utilized this avenue, please comment — we’d love to hear how the switcheroo goes (and see pics of the beautiful new swap that won’t gather dust in your closet!).

Share Your Summer Wedding Photos!

August 17th, 2011

All fantastic things must come to an end. Perhaps your own dreamy day, though long planned for, already came and went (sigh).  But the memories you made will last (not to sound cliche — it’s true) a lifetime.

And so it is with summer. Unless you live year-round in the tropics, summer always goes too fast.

Maybe it’s just that quality about summer — its sunshine stellar warmth, its glitz and glamour, and its poignancy — that made summer such a popular season in 2011 for our brides and grooms to tie the knot. The brighter a day shines, the longer it will be remembered, after all.

Whatever the reason, our summer brides have sent in such gorgeous photos and tips that we’re prouder of you than ever! We always try to thank our newlyweds for their submissions, and now we’d like to extend an invitation to send in your own.

Photo Submission Guidelines:

* Photos must be under your own personal copyright or not under a copyright so they’re okay to publish.

* Photos must include decor and/or wedding favors.

* First names of the bride and groom and the city and state locale of the wedding must be included.

* We reserve the right to accept or decline any photos.

And that’s it! Easy-peasy. Take this opportunity to show off your wedding style genius and let us thank you properly in a future post that features your wedding photo submission. Thanks again, everyone…we could never do it without you.

Congratulations to our Travel Accessory winner!

August 15th, 2011

We’re happy to announce Barbara K.  as the winner of our Travel Accessory kit.  You’ll be receiving it very shortly.  We thank all who participated.  Happy travels everyone!

Ah, Autumn. How We Love You

August 1st, 2011

Lucky you, autumn bride! Click for fall wedding decor and favor choices we adore.

It feels like it was just last week (at the most) that we were posting about summer brides and hot options for Summer 2011.

So how did this happen? — That’s right, September is only a month away! (Le gasp.)

Not that I mind. I absolutely love autumn. Here in Southern California, we don’t experience as dramatic a fall as some other parts of the U.S. But autumn is most definitely its own, very distinct season, with cooling temperatures, the famous Santa Ana winds and — yes — fall color, particularly if you know where to look.

It’s in that spirit that we welcome new autumn brides to our site (thanks for visiting!). We know you’re in the last stages of your wedding planning right now, and things might be a crunch for you. In fact, traditionally, six to eight weeks before The Big Day is typically “bridal freak-out time.” Don’t worry; we’re here to help! Here are some great last-minute fall wedding favor and decor ideas:

1. Candles. As the weather begins to change, people pull out their candle holders and their wax melts. There’s just something about not only the scents of fall but of beautiful burning candles that says autumn all over. Put candles on your wedding reception tables and hand them out as wedding favors. Your guests will love them, and the timing couldn’t be better.

2. Baked goodies. Brownies and cookies are great this time of year, particularly if frosted in autumn colors. If you have a chef in your family, have him or her bake up some gorgeous goodness for your wedding dessert spread. Or buy your own and package them beautifully.

3. Fall color. Of course, you’ll want to take advantage of the bounty nature has given you for your very special day. Choose wedding aisle and reception table decor in buttery yellows, deep russet reds and delicious chocolate browns. And choose one of these amazing colors to add a splash of autumn to your gown and your groom’s boutonniere (colored sashes or bows on wedding gowns are still super-hot among marrieds-to-be for 2011 and early 2012).

4. Pretty brushed metals. Copper, bronze and brushed silver are great autumn tones for wedding favors and reception table decor.

5. Fancy favor boxes. No, these don’t have to be expensive. And placing favors in individual favor boxes can add that extra special touch of sophistication and care. Look for fall themes and, of course, colors, or a highlight of autumn color on a creamy ivory or white box.

And on a personal note, we’d like to thank site readers who have sent in comments and pictures of their wedding and reception decor. Keep ‘em coming!