Cool Accessories For Your Hot Summer Wedding

June 24th, 2011

Confirmed your venue? Check. Gown on order? Check (and fittings all scheduled in plenty of time for the big day). Buffet options chosen? Check.

Now. How about accessories?

Indeed, accessories tend to be the last wedding items considered in one’s budget. And that’s fine. You have to prioritize somewhere along the line or you could wind up nickeled and dimed into poverty well in advance of your big day.

Do keep in mind, though, that accessories — like the cake topper, table decor, wedding party jewelry and wedding favors — can really add flavor to your wedding.

Summer is the ideal time to choose fun, tasteful and budget-friendly wedding accessories since you have so many gorgeous options to choose from. Here are the trends we’re seeing.

Natural Materials

Naturally-derived or eco friendly wedding accessories are on trend for Summer 2011. So is shabby chic (I mention this because it can sometimes be a crossover). Wood, woven bamboo/woven grasses, stone, dried (real) flowers and all-cotton materials fit the bill.

Try natural materials for reception table decor and for wedding favors. Also add rattan bows to your wedding invitations — so kitschy, so cool. And don’t forget the dried or fresh flowers for your hair in a natural arrangement, coronet-style or individually placed.

Summer’s Bounty

Perfect pear.

We’ve seen so many summer harvest themes recently, we just had to share. LOVE this theme.

One delicious summer bounty theme trend for wedding accessories: real fruit as centerpieces in pretty baskets, or on trays. (Let your guests take their pick of the season home with them; if you have extras, plan to either have someone gather them for you and your groom, or ask the venue to have them donated to a local food bank.)

Faux fruits are hot too. Wedding favors printed with summer and autumn fruits, fruit-shaped salt and pepper shakers or candles are great choices.

Flowers are also in profusion at this time of year in many areas. Look locally for table centerpieces and wedding toppers (make sure your choices are edible and non-toxic) and support your local grower.

Beach/Ocean Themes

So romantic, so summery.

This one never goes out of style, but the choices are amped up for Summer 2011. (Check out the sand castle centerpiece at left — dreamy!)

Buy shells and starfish in bulk and spread out on tables at your reception as decor. Drop tiny shells into your wedding invitations. Ask your baker to decorate your wedding cake with shells — be sure to warn your server that these are not edible and should be placed aside as s/he cuts the cake.

Choose ocean and beach colors to add fun at the wedding itself (bows along the aisle), in your bouquet and as touches to your bridesmaids’ dresses — and add an ocean blue or sea green sash to your gown to make eyes pop. (A splash of color on a white gown is still very much a trend for the second half of 2011.)

Let us know what you come up with, and send pics — we love to hear from you.

Wedding Favors With French Flavor

June 20th, 2011

Clique ici!

Ooh la la. In the mood for something French? So are we. Paris and French-style touches are a perennial favorite for weddings.

That’s not exactly a surprise: Paris, the City of Lights, is synonymous with love and romance. And we know just how crazy in love you are with Mr. Man. Show it! Add delicate French style touches to your wedding reception and you’ll find your guests are as much in love with you as he is.

These wedding favors are among our favorites. We’ve listed them in no particular order (since we love them all) and with info on why they work so well.

Happy viewing, mes cheres. And may every day find you more in love than the day before.

Fleur de Lis Place Card Holders

Wow. A pretty rectangle with parquet-style black diamonds surrounds the reception attendee’s information. In the upper right-hand corner is a traditional fleur de lis embellishment. These can also be used as photo frames, so consider them for take home wedding favors.

Eiffel Tower Bookmark Favors

This sophisticated bookmark is part of the From Paris With Love collection and presents prettily in its gift box. It has a big white tassel, for pure and everlasting love. (Le sigh.)

Champagne Style Bubbles










Champagne is oh so French, so we just love these cute bubbles in champagne-look containers. Yes, even grown-ups love bubbles…hand these out and see for yourself. (Big fun!)

Parisian Place Card Holders

Another From Paris With Love item that says amour all over. We love the brushed silver coloring and the “springtime in Paris” feel of the Eiffel Tower, so this item is a perfect choice for lovestruck brides and grooms everywhere.

So. What do you think? Let us know…and may you always be in love!

The Coolest Wedding Party Gifts: 2011 – Spring 2012

June 10th, 2011

Love them back. (Click the pic for gift options from

As we come into the second half of the year, bridal party gift choices are proving interesting — and revealing. This year on into spring 2012, boys will be boys and girls will be girls when it comes to bridesmaid and groomsman gifts. You’re still sophisticated but are showing your playful side, and we love it!

Here are some up-and-coming wedding party gift options that are popular among our kitschy, cool marrieds-to-be:

Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor Gifts: Girly + Glam = Perfect!

Your girls will be thrilled when they see what’s trendy for bridesmaid gifts. And the trends are (drum roll please)…

Oh So Girly

Lip balms, pink-encased grooming or carrying cases and glittery key chains are all hot this season. If it sparkles and shines and makes her feel like a girl, it’s in, so go for it! Cute 1950s-esque hand bag decorations and slinky jewelry pouches are great choices along this theme. So are faux jewels, jewel colored wedding favors and ultra-feminine pastels. Have it monogrammed for a special touch.

Jewels Fit for a Bridesmaid

You’re queen for a day. Make sure your court is dressed to the occasion. A pretty piece of jewelry is an ideal gift for the friend who has stood beside you all along, and is there for you on your special day. Have the gift personalized with the bridesmaid’s or maid of honor’s initial. Priceless!

Carry-On Finds

This year, bridesmaids are getting away from it all (after the wedding, of course!) and loving it! Try a sophisticated luggage piece, carry-on or bag for your maid of honor and bridesmaids. Toss in a pair of monogrammed flip-flops and you’ve got a great “weekend getaway” set they’ll use over and over again.

Groomsmen and Usher Gifts: You’ve Got Personality

Attention grooms: He covered for you in 6th grade when the bicycle ramp built over the fish tank was your idea. Now it’s time to thank him for that and for every act of friendship you’ve shared up to this special day. Whatever gifts you decide on for your groomsmen, make things personal with a monogrammed gift.

A Personal Touch

Traditional...and still oh so cool.

Monogramming is back in, and we’re glad — so hop on this trend with great groomsman gift choices. Go traditional for your father-in-law with an engraved pocket watch or money clip.

For your posse, take their personalities into account. A flask shows that party dude is all grown up, and an engraved keepsake box is one gift that won’t get lost on top of the dresser. Go ultra-traditional with a pair of cufflinks for your best man.

How Sporty

Luckily, sports are always in. Right now, golf seems to be the gentleman’s choice for every age group, so tee up with something golf themed that he’ll actually use (we promise). As above, have the gift personalized with the recipient’s initials.

Thanks to readers who have let us in on their favorite bridal party gifts (both as the recipients and as the givers). To those still in the planning stages, please leave a comment. Thanks as always for reading!

Dreaming of Autumn

June 3rd, 2011

I know, I know…it’s not even summer yet (technically — sure feels like it around here). But so many of our brides are dreaming of their autumn ceremonies, and their enthusiasm is catching. We’ve gotten plenty of fall wedding favor orders already and are looking forward to hearing from our brides on which favors they chose and how they utilized them to make their ceremonies special.

In the meantime…curious about what other autumn brides are choosing? Here’s a sneak preview of what’s hot for fall 2011.

This photo frame is pretty as a picture and ideal for a fall wedding. Realistic and detailed, it’s a beautiful choice. Stand these favors at place settings to double as part of your fall wedding reception decor. Love, love, love! <3

What a delicious choice. This gorgeous cupcake wrapper has a spray of fallen autumn leaves circling its top. Sophisticated and rustic-chic at the same time, and picking up the wedding cupcakes trend, this favor pretty much has it all, so have a closer peek (click on this or any of the pics in this post for more info).

One of the most enchanting things about the autumn is its gorgeous blend of scents. Autumn just smells, well, yummy. The Falling for You candle above is chocolatey-brown, very realistic looking and smells lightly of cinnamon, capturing the enchantment of autumn. This favor also works well for winter weddings. Click for more info.

Our brides can’t say enough about our Perfect Pear candles. This remains one of our most popular favor options. Don’t they look good enough to eat? Go ahead — indulge in a favor your guests will always remember.

Now I really am dreaming of autumn. Not to mention getting hungry…Anyway, do let us know what your choices are. And send us pics after the big day. We love to hear from you! Happy shopping, lovelies!

Wedding Guest Dos and Don’ts

June 2nd, 2011

Wedding guest etiquette: we’ve found that nowadays, it’s a subject that confuses everyone.

At one time, the rules were clear, right down to whether, and when, it was appropriate for female wedding guests to wear gloves — and if so, how long they should be. Yes, gloves, folks. (Oh, and hats.)

Today, both to-be-marrieds and their guests seem to mix and match the rules. The times — like every time before this, but especially now, during a time of self-expression and growth — really are a-changin’.

We’re going to take a big, deep, brave breath and tell our readers that when it comes to wedding guest etiquette, we err on the side of Miss Manners (does she even still exist?). Don’t get us wrong: a ceremony and reception that bends certain rules can be fascinating, fun and a unique experience. But when it comes right down to it, you, as the wedding guest, should never be making these rules — it’s up to the bride and groom to decide where they’d like to wander off the beaten path.

The dos and don’ts listed below won’t lead you astray. Follow them and you can’t go wrong. Then relax and enjoy the party — you’ve been an awesome wedding guest!

Wedding Guest Etiquette

Don’t wear white — at least not all-white. Let the bride and her entourage stand out; that’s pretty much the whole point of the wedding party dressing to the nines. Go for white touches if you’d like (lace, a belt, etc.).

Don’t try to outshine the bride. Ultra-low cut or uber decorated are no-nos when it’s someone else’s big day. Don’t worry — your time to shine will come, and then you can dazzle your own wedding guests!

Do get your RSVP out on time. The caterer, venue and band are all hounding the bride for an official head count. Let the bride know for sure whether it’s yea or nay so she can cross one more worry off her to-do list.

Do remember to turn off your cell phone during the ceremony.

Don’t be late to the ceremony. If you’re not sure where you’re going, give yourself extra time to find the venue by leaving earlier.

Do send a wedding gift. This is customary whether you’ll be attending the wedding or not. Yes, I know, at your wedding, guest who didn’t show, didn’t send. Call us old-fashioned: do the right thing. The bride and groom will remember this gesture and will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Don’t bring an extra guest. Unless your invitation states “plus guest,” you are the only one invited and are part of the bride’s total number for catering and other estimates. Extra-shows are one issue no bride needs.

Do go light on the alcohol. Party and celebrate, but you don’t want to embarrass the happy couple or yourself. Sip slowly rather than guzzling and make sure you have a good time talking to and dancing with other guests, partaking of the delicious goodies and congratulating the bride and groom — all that should keep any wedding guest busy!

Do buy a gift off the registry. If you’re close family/friends and have an idea for an additional gift that’s off-registry, that’s fine too. But really, the bride and groom know best what their needs are as far as wedding gifts go.

Do wait for the bride and groom to get to your table to express your thanks. Don’t bombard them while they’re busy. Give them time to come to you, then be warm and congratulatory. This way, nobody feels pressured — and everybody, including you, feels appreciated.