Cakes: There’s Unique. And Then There are These

March 29th, 2011

Actually, the idea is pretty realistic. Photo:

Okay, brides-to-be…time for a little (or big) wedding eye candy!

Thought your wedding cake was original? You may change your mind when you see these over-the-top choices.

(Props to for spelling “doughnuts” correctly, by the way.)

We had loads of fun reviewing this article. Honestly, I thought I’d seen it all. Not yet, apparently. Not that all the cakes are literally crazy, as the title states. The Ganesh cake, for example, is simply amazing, in my opinion.

Our thoughts on taking the unusual one step farther when it comes to the wedding cake? We say: it’s your wedding. You want a bamboo forest cake? Then order a bamboo forest cake. Be careful where you put your pennies, though. That cake cost may be taking a big bite out of your wedding budget. It’s all about deciding what are must-haves for you.

Meanwhile, admittedly, we tend toward the more elegant yet trendy-and-fun here at Have a peek at some of our favorite wedding cake decoration choices below and click on the pics for more details.

The character here means "happiness." Perfect!

Once upon a time, in a land far, far fell in love and had a gorgeous wedding. Dreams really do come true...

Modern love: it's more romantic than ever.

For more awesome cake toppers, click here.

CNN Called. They’d Like to Speak to You

March 24th, 2011

Come on! Get on your high horse and tell us all about your royal affair.

Okay, so they’re not going to speak to you personally, but news station CNN contacted our blog this week asking for Royal Wedding-theme stories from our readers and subscribers.

Please feel free to contact us at with your own royal theme wedding story.  Include any info you’d like: what the bride and groom wore, party favors, the food, the ride to the venue and whatever made the affair special.

We’re assuming entries can be second-hand information; in other words, as viewed from a guest’s eyes rather than the bride’s. Or your entry can be about your very own royal affair.

You may submit your entry whether your wedding is in the planning stages or has already happened.

When we receive your information, we’ll forward it to our contact and who knows…your wedding may be featured in the coming future on CNN!

We’re extra-excited about CNN contacting us as we had just recently mentioned Royal Wedding themes. These are indeed becoming popular…and why not? Every couple wants to feel like king and queen on their wedding day.

We can’t wait to hear from you and we’ll be sure to forward your information as soon as we receive it. Good luck, princess!

Baby Shower Favors are All Grown Up

March 15th, 2011

Is it the weather? <grin> We’re getting lots of orders, requests and questions about baby shower favors. We’re always glad to get good news, so thank you for checking in with us…and by the way, congratulations!

As to the questions, many of you are looking for suggestions on baby shower favors for guests. We’re sensing a trend here: more and more baby shower organizers are asking for something a little more sophisticated than the typical pink, blue and fuzzy. What you want is playful yet grown-up, and even (dare we say it?) useful.

Well, guess what: we’ve got you covered! Here are a few of our favorite favor ideas and treats for an up-to-the minute, modern theme baby shower.

Baby Shower Mints. Choose a trendy art style for your baby shower mint containers. We absolutely love this retro a la 1960s baby shower mint box design.

Flip Flops Pedicure Set. We find the best way to say thank you is to invite the giver to pamper herself. With that in mind, here’s an adorably kitschy pedicure set that’s perfect for guest giveaways. (The theme is a great tie-in for the upcoming spring and summer months, too.)

Filigree Brownie Pops. Is it wrong that our mouths collectively water whenever we see one of these brownie pops? Favorsbyserendipity offers them in a variety of styles, including seasonal, color variety and sumptuously decorated options. The filigree shown below is my personal favorite.

And last but not least, one more nod to self-pampering and friendly thank-yous. Here is our beautifully scented Nest Egg Soap.


Favors for Your Outdoor or Garden Wedding

March 9th, 2011

Ah, sweet springtime. Pick the best of the bunch for your outdoor wedding favors.

It’s spring…almost. And in honor of the season, everything’s coming up gorgeous at

We’re so pleased to be able to offer such a unique selection this spring, especially when it comes to outdoor and garden weddings. We feel this season’s selection of favors truly add that something special to your outdoor affair — and we know you will too.

Let’s take a sneak peek at what’s new for 2011. (Click on the pics for more info on each, or the image above of the bride and groom for a selection of our favorites.)

Lovebirds in the Window Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers: Give these to guests as favors or set them up on your wedding reception tables. Don’t you love them? The soft ivory white color will go with any decor, so your guests are sure to make use of this beautiful gift.

Butterfly Bookmark Favor: This is precious, and very elegant.  Stunning polished metal makes an impression. It’s all wrapped up in a pastel-colors box. Perfect for either wedding favors or gifts to the wedding party.

Meant to Bee Ceramic Honey Pot: These sweet ceramic creations can hold honey, jam or jelly and are perfect at your guests’ place settings as take-home favors.

Paisley Cupcake Wrappers: So many of our 2011 brides are loving the wedding cupcake trend that we just had to post these precious favorites. Yum! Pink paisley is ideal to accent an outdoor table, so this treat couples as decor.

Enjoy — and remember to send us pics of your wedding favors and how you used them to make your wedding extra-special.

Style Update: Spring Wedding Favors

March 1st, 2011

Depending upon where you live (giving a shout out to the northeast — hello, my friends!), it may not seem like spring is coming…but it is.

Stylishly yours: daisy favor boxes.

And so is the annual influx of spring weddings.

And why not? Spring is gorgeous, and it’s about new beginnings. Can there really be a better time, both weather-wise and symbolically, to say “I do” with the person who will be walking life’s path with you?

Of course, you’ll want to stand out from the crowd. Make a big impact with these lovely spring favors that are truly you. Here are our favorite Spring 2011 wedding favor ideas.

Daisies. This adorable bloom is an emblem of springtime.

What a gorgeous idea. Guests can plant these at home.

Incorporate daisies into your wedding in a truly organic way with favors that contain seeds (see pic). We love this idea — not only will your guests be thrilled with the unique gift, but they’ll think of you and your spouse when the flowers bloom.

We adore these very special bouquet favor boxes, and so will your guests.

Also top favor boxes with spring daisies; there’s nothing like this sunny, sweet flower to accent any wedding gift.

Flowers native to your area. Naturally, daisies aren’t the only spring flower around. Find out what species grow in your area if you don’t already know, and find favors that match what you discover.

Spring colors — with flair. Bolder, “statement” colors are very on-trend for 2011. Look for vibrant versions of favorite spring colors, like hot pink, sunny yellow, mint green and sky blue with deep, rich navy to accent the hue.

Also incorporate spring colors into edible favors — especially buttery, delicious yellow or cream.

Please *do* eat the daisies: these brownie pops are a spring sunshine-yellow for visual as well as taste-bud appeal.

Organic choices. Go green for real with eco-friendly wedding favors. (We love the bamboo, by the way…check it out.) Match this choice with environmentally friendly materials for your wedding stationery, too.

Sunny home decor. Try a sun catcher or small spray of ornamental spring flowers that can be hung on the wall for gifts your guests will use and love.