Absolutely THE Most Beautiful Linens. Ever

September 17th, 2010

Yes. We found them (or rediscovered them, actually): the bar-none linen locale to beat all linen locales.

We’ve posted here and there about wildflowerlinens.com. But when I saw this blog entry, I felt they warranted an updated mention.

The company is actually called Wildflower Linen (no ā€œsā€) and the showroom highlighted in this particular blog is located in Costa Mesa, CA. They rent out absolutely exquisite linens for special events.

Reading this post, our Tiffany Colored Box with Candy and our Two Tier Mini Wedding Cake in light blue came immediately to mind as nice color and style complements. Here they are (click the images for more info):

Aren’t they lovely? Thanks for the inspiration, Wildflower Linen!