Today’s Featured Favors: Lacie and Jade

September 28th, 2010

We were thrilled when Lacie and Jade responded to our shout-out inviting readers to show us their items in action.

In this case, the celebration was a wedding…and what a wedding! Lovely table setup, you two. Highlighting the event, the happy couple chose our miniature silver chair place card holder/favor boxes as guest mementos, and they topped the cake with this stunning Swarovski crystal medallion.

Here you go, guyz ‘n galz: Lacie and Jade’s wedding reception accessories. Psst: the first four pics are clickable for more information. Thanks for sending these in…and many happy, exciting and colorful years to you both.

Absolutely THE Most Beautiful Linens. Ever

September 17th, 2010

Yes. We found them (or rediscovered them, actually): the bar-none linen locale to beat all linen locales.

We’ve posted here and there about But when I saw this blog entry, I felt they warranted an updated mention.

The company is actually called Wildflower Linen (no ā€œsā€) and the showroom highlighted in this particular blog is located in Costa Mesa, CA. They rent out absolutely exquisite linens for special events.

Reading this post, our Tiffany Colored Box with Candy and our Two Tier Mini Wedding Cake in light blue came immediately to mind as nice color and style complements. Here they are (click the images for more info):

Aren’t they lovely? Thanks for the inspiration, Wildflower Linen!

A Surprise Anniversary Party to Remember

September 9th, 2010, our central site, is well-known for fabulous wedding favors, but we’re much more than that. Read on for the scoop on one fantastic party, a very surprised couple and the gorgeous (and yummy!) favors that helped make the day special.


We’re delighted with the responses we’ve been getting so far to our Facebook post of Sept. 1. (If you aren’t following us yet on Facebook, feel free click here and Like us now.) We asked Facebook members who have used our favors for their parties to send us pictures of the big day.

We’d like to highlight this beautiful anniversary party, simply because we’re so impressed by it. I mean, what an absolutely lovely setup. Check it out:

The party was for Sam and Jodi of Bainbridge, Washington, who were fooled (lovingly, of course!) into attending an out-of-state dinner that turned out to be a gathering just for them. The anniversary party featured Brownie Pops from (click on the two pictures above to find out how to get them for your own super soiree).

What a creative, elegant group or party planners. Check out the centerpieces this group came up with. Aren’t they exquisite?

As was the cake table:

Our special thanks to Sandy Nadel for the pictures. We absolutely love what this group of friends and family did to make this surprise party so spectacular. If you have pictures of your own to share that include party or wedding favors, please feel free to share. We love to hear from you!