A Wedding Planner? Questions Answered

July 26th, 2010

Many wonder if they need to have a Planner when they think they can just do everything themselves.  I can tell you after coordinating many weddings (and I’ve retired from that now)  you will be so glad you hired one.

Having a planner gives you peace of mind and helps keep you calm on a very happy but stressful day.  The following questions are often asked by those who are still vacillating, I hope the answers will help with your decision:

1) What will a planner do for me?

a)  Hold your hand through the whole process.  This is very comforting when last minute changes take place and quick decisions have to be made.

b)  He/she will negotiate the contracts with your vendors so all you have to do is tell your Planner what you like and, most importantly, what you don’t like, and he/she will make sure you get what you want.

c)  Help design the wedding to suit your style and personality.

2)  Should I hire my planner before booking the venue?

Whenever possible you should hire your planner as soon as you get engaged so they are there to help give you the vision you have for your special day.

3)  If my venue offers a coordinator do I still need a wedding planner?

A planner that you hire is always on your side.  If you use the coordinator of the venue, their job is to make sure you buy lots of food, beverages, etc.  However,  your planner can help you with your overall budget and will keep it in mind and also what’s most important to you.

4)  If I find vendors that I especially like on my own, say for example, a wedding favor company, is it okay to tell my Planner that I want this particular vendor?

This is your special day, and of course you can let your Planner know of any specific wishes you have, venues or vendors you especially want to use.  The Planner is there to carry out your wishes, and is happy to do so.

5)  Can I hire a Planner just for the wedding day?

Yes, you can hire a planner for the day diy wedding planningand he/she will execute all the plans you have made.  Of course,  this means you have to be extremely organized, have every detail planned and written down so they are able to do their job efficiently.  You’ll need to make lots of lists, have a vendor list with phone numbers and what you expect.  Getting cell phone numbers of the vendors is a very good idea in case they are stuck in traffic, etc. and the Planner needs to contact them.  Make sure you set aside time to go over all the details with the Planner if they are only going to be there the day of your wedding.

Winery Wedding A Wonderful Venue

July 19th, 2010

Often life’s biggest celebrations involve wine.  Why not think of a winery for the  most important day of your life?  If you’re looking for a unique venue for your wedding, winery weddings are gaining popularity for many reasons:

1)  Wine & Champagne are synonymous with celebrations and more and more people are getting involved in wine tasting.

2)  Every bride wants their wedding to be special and unique so having it at a working winery makes that happen.

3)  The location is breathtaking for your ceremony and reception whether you’re outside in the lush green landscape or the inside amid the elegance of the wine cellar.

4)  Photo shoots amid the vineyards is enchanting.  You can include a private winery tour just for your wedding party.

Faulkner Winery ceremony

Faulkner Winery ceremony

Faulkner Winery

Faulkner Winery

Faulkner Winery photo op

Faulkner Winery photo op

Faulkner winery wedding 4

Faulkner Winery Inside Reception

Faulkner Winery Inside Reception

There are many favors that would be perfect for this venue, including stemless personalized wine glasses, personalized wine glasses, bottle stoppers, personalized wine bottles, etc.  and they can be seen in our wine theme favor section.  One of the most popular is our elegant, delectable brownie pop.

Vineyard Brownie Pop

Vineyard Brownie Pop