Who Would Have Thought “A Woman Of Excellence”?

December 7th, 2009

Here I am  working on my blog and trying to find new and exciting favors for Favors By Serendipity, when I find that I’ve been inducted into the Women of Excellence registry by the National Association of Professional and Executive Women.  Apparently someone nominated me.  I got a call from NAPEW where I was interviewed and then congratulated for being accepted.  I’m really delighted that women think of me as a good example.  Since I started Favors By Serendipity I have enjoyed helping other women who have contacted me start their own business or feature items they’ve designed on our site.  I would say in addition to the success of our business, seeing these women become successful has been very rewarding.  This week I was featured in the Orange County Register and you can see the article here:


At first I was told it would appear in those stands that offer free newspapers.  Great, I thought, all the homeless people will see what is a very exciting event in my life.  However,  when I ran into friends who congratulated me (and I hadn’t had a chance to tell them about it yet), and had a woman at our local store ask for my autograph, I realized there was a lot more to this article being published than I realized.  Apparently it was an insert in the Orange County Register so everyone who got their Sunday paper saw it.  Now that’s really exciting!!  Yesterday I received an email telling me it was on their website, and I’ve been getting emails all day today.  Is this my 15 minutes?  I’m still waiting for Oprah to call….I’ve been saying that since Favors By Serendipity was born.