We have a winner of the $200.00 Shopping Spree

November 23rd, 2009

Congratulations, Harper for being the winner of Favors By Serendipity Shopping Spree.

Prepare Yourself For Your Wedding Day

November 23rd, 2009

Every bride wants perfection on her wedding day.  After all, it’s what she has dreamed about since she saw her first “At Last I Found My Prince” movie.  However, there are some things you need to know  so you will be prepared for the unexpected, which I can almost guarantee will happen.

1- To save yourself a lot of grief,  recognize  there will be mishaps – don’t expect perfection, it will only lead to frustration.  Your cake might have something happen in delivery – perhaps it’s leaning.  Know that it’s your wedding day and you’re going to have a great time!  Even the most seasoned wedding planner might encounter last minute hitches in your wedding.

2- When thinking about your Limo  think about the season of your wedding.  If your wedding is in the high wedding season or holidays, you’ll have to book it way in advance.  As soon as you set your wedding date, book your transportation.  You might get a discount for booking early or take advantage of special packages they offer.  If you wait until 2 months before the wedding, you may be paying next year’s prices.

3- Expect the unexpected!  If you’re having an outdoor wedding, make sure you have a plan B.  Always choose decor that can be used indoor or out so if things have to be moved inside it will look as good inside as it does outside.  Think about having a tent for your outdoor reception to protect your decor from the elements in case of rain.

4- Think about insurance.  You have a lot of money invested in this day.  Since it’s one of the biggest expenses you’ll have in your life, it gives you peace of mind knowing you have insurance in case of any financial loss.

5- When choosing a wedding planner, be sure you feel comfortable with them, you’re trusting them with the most important day of your life.  Interview more than one planner and  find somebody that gets your vision, understands what you are doing and relates to you on every level.

Since I mentioned “At Last I Found My Prince” at the beginning of this post, I thought you’d enjoy seeing  some  popular fairytale favors.

Your Wedding Day Menu

November 17th, 2009

Remember that incredible meal you had at your favorite restaurant or while on vacation?  This is why selecting your menu can be a major task.   You want to get it right because  your guests will remember  if the food was great at your reception or disappointing.

Your food as husband and wife should reflect your taste but always be mindful of others. Some things to consider are:

1- There may be vegetarians amongst your guests. (Having the caterer prepare a cheese ravioli dish, was the perfect solution at an event I did recently).  Using place cards helps the servers know who gets the vegetarian dinner.

2- If you’ve invited people who have  food allergies you need to take that into consideration.

3- As you’re planning, have a variety of dishes if you are doing a buffet, or choices if you’re having a sit down dinner.

4- The season also plays a roll in what you will want to serve.  In the Fall, you may want to carve out mini pumpkins or squash and use them for soup bowls.

soup in "pumpkin bowls"

soup in "pumpkin bowls"

5- In the summer, fresh fruit abounds.  Serve a nice assortment and keep the meal on the lighter side, and use fresh fruit in your decor.  There are so many fruits that can be used this way, simply coordinate it with your color scheme.

Fruit Decor

Fruit Decor

6- If you have a morning wedding, a brunch type meal would be lovely.  For drinks offer Bloody Mary’s or Mimosas so they are more in tune with an earlier event.

7- Traditionally you will want to offer a soup or salad, an entree then dessert.

8- Make sure to do a taste test with the caterer or banquet facility (or your friends and family).

9- If you’re having a DIY reception, make sure all the offers are cohesive. Decide on a theme for the food, i.e., Italian, Mexican, Beef, Chicken, and don’t offer a combination of all these selections.  You don’t want it to feel like a picnic, but a lovely, thought out delicious and harmonious meal.

10- For variety,  you can offer a few different chicken dishes if you’re going with chicken.  The same with beef, etc.

Rice Krispie treats make a wonderful addition to your Dessert Buffet for any season.

$200.00 Free Favor Offer

November 11th, 2009

Favors By Serendipity is offering a $200.00 Shopping Spree towards anything on their site – including Cake Jewelry, Bridesmaids Gifts, Bridal Shower Favors, Wedding and Party Favors, Candy Buffet Packaging and more…..just for giving your opinion.

With Winter approaching, they want to know if you will be using winter theme favors or what your favorite favor is and would love to win.  Visit Favors By Serendipity and then post a comment here and be entered into the drawing.

Giveaway ends November 20 at midnight PST.

Winner is chosen randomly and will be notified Monday, November 21st  and announced here as soon as they accept the prize.

Tie The Knot On A Cruise Ship

November 2nd, 2009

Looking for something original and unique?  Having your destination wedding on a gorgeous cruise ship is the perfect solution.

I would be apologizing for not posting for the past three weeks, however, I was on the Ruby Princess doing research for you on what it would be like to have a wedding on a cruise ship – oh well, someone’s got to do it, might as well be me …….

Frankly, it doesn’t get much better than this.

  • The ships are just gorgeous and very elegant in themselves.
  • I can vouch for the delicious food and beautiful presentation with every choice.
  • What is more beautiful than a blue sky with billowy clouds and the ocean beneath you and as far as your eye can see?  Serenity at it’s best. Or,  a stop at a gorgeous location for your ceremony.
  • Your wedding, reception and honeymoon would all be included to create an unforgettable event.
  • There are experienced wedding coordinators that will design your wedding so that it’s extraordinary and it doesn’t matter if you have a small event or a grand,  large one.

There are different packages available.

  • You can choose to get married at sea by the ship’s Captain.
  • Have your ceremony on the ship harbor-side,  so even if some of your guests will not be sailing with you, they can still attend the wedding.
  • You can get married ashore at one of the exotic locations.

All the details are spelled out for you on a down loadable brochure.  To find the information for a Princess Cruise wedding:

1 - Princess Cruises

2 – Click on “Learn about our cruise”

3 - Click on “On-board Experiences”

4 – Click on “Special Services”

Or, you can contact the “Tie the Knot” staff at (866) 444-8820 and speak with a wedding coordinator who will be happy to share their expertise, answer questions and offer helpful suggestions during your planning stage.

To coordinate with your cruise wedding, there are save the date magnets and wedding favors.